Tuesday, December 28, 2004

I am making a vegetarian feast right now in my crock pot!

This girl I work with got a crockpot for her wedding shower. She said "you know you're really growing up when you get excited about a crock pot." But I think sometimes you just get hungry.

On another note, I think love looks like glitter. I told someone to send me love in a Christmas card and I keep picturing glitter falling out of the opened envelope sort of like fairy dust.

Monday, December 27, 2004

this week promises champagne, tears, curry, cleaning, driving, a haircut, and love. Here's hoping for the best

Thursday, December 23, 2004

I am getting very excited about 2005 as the year of me nourishing myself and my new kitchen dreams becoming a reality. I picture the crockpot bubbling away (thanks Jan!) on my new tile peninsula while I lounge in the adjacent hangout area reading Fine Gardening; Friends coming over for dinner and lounging at the bar with wine while I pull something out of the oven; inviting my grandma and aunties to brunch on Sundays and having somewhere for them to sit down. I guess lounging will play a key role.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

It's like my dream come true: Karaoke Revolution

Not like I need it, but the review says the game will actually help you sing better. The only problem is that if the fans on the game don't like my singing my best friend can't go over and yell at them to start clapping.

Make collars for you cats out of vintage brooches?
Pass out evergreen tiaras as party favors?
Check out Fimoculous list of top 25 blogs of 2004. All of the blogs noted seem to have content which is probably why I wasn't on it.

link via my favorite mp3 blog, No. 18, Largehearted Boy

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Look how sweet this little garden design map is! It has little links to pages about special places in the garden and little pictures of what is probably happenning and everything. It's color too which is so cute, mine is just a ballpoint pen thing with circles and blobs for planting areas. The whole site is very special and I'm having fun exploring it.

something funny:

" . . .as I've come to realise, 'rustic' is a useful word for describing something you've done that looks a bit crap." (please see my back patio tile for further examples)
Last night I got my ass kicked at Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit. Now I know these things about myself:

1. I do not know who Boromir, Denethor, Isildor, or Gimli are.

2. I cannot share any type of sentiment such as "of course! the Pool of Mirrors!"

3. If I land on the same space as my boyfriend, I will make our game pieces kiss.

4. I will never guess "oh I don't know, how about Midas Tirith"

Monday, December 20, 2004

too bad I'm already seeing someone:

Daniel Erenberg lives in a gothic-looking house in a suburb of Long Island shrouded by trees and darkness. His backyard is so overrun with shrubbery that he can't plant flowers in the soil. He's penned articles for numerous magazines (and a couple of websites for free). Currently, he's writing his first novel, entitled People That I've Long Since Forgotten. He's also written two plays, Little Room and Dystopia and a screenplay called Youth Or Consequence. He lives a fairly happy life alone except for the mind-numbing loneliness he feels on occasion. If you’re a beautiful woman that’s fallen in love with Daniel, or you just want to talk Buffy with him, you can contact Daniel at daniel@slayage.com.
Things that will make me happy this week:

1. Sleeping in my own bed with my kitties

2. Champagne

3. My new lemon verbena and munstead lavender houseplants

4. My abutilon/flowering maple is in crazy bloom

5. Chocolate birthday cake

6. Smoking, oh wait I don't do that anymore, bastards

7. Godbabies

8. Advanced step class on Christmas Eve

9. Getting back in touch with a Magnificent Bastard
The Twelve Days of Vreeland are back! Here's one of my favorite posts: of course I'm planning on giving my friends signed first editions of their favorite authors this year. I love these fancy imaginings and some of the ideas are good, like decorating for Christmas with white feather boas!
oh, no she didn't

Falling Petals is totally trying to run game on my man!
look what the topic is for Illustration Friday: Home, my favorite subject

Friday, December 17, 2004

Okay, The 6-8 ft. tall Helianthus with yellow daisy looking flowers backing a prostrate reddish rose ground cover with some lavender mixed in, my two flowering quinces (moved from the bed by the house where they hate it) peeking through the helianthus to give year round structure and maybe a couple of butterfly bushes to make a really thick dense hedge. I think it should give me a cheery hippy garden appearance while sheilding the yard (and me in my underwear when I'm getting the laundry) from the neighborhood. I wish I had some crayons, I would draw you a picture.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Confession No. 3:

I bought something that I want and I don't think anyone else will really like for my office white elephant gift exchange, and I am going to try to "win" it for myself. I'm basically self-gifting through the mechanism of the gift exchange. This could backfire big time. No one ever likes the gifts I bring and I'm always pretty bitter about it (I'm petty like that). Something tells me that since I'm trying to pull this, my gift will be very popular this year.
and while I'm in the confessing mood, I really love the Brittany Spears song Every Time
Extreme Dork Alert! whedonesque.com: A site devoted to every show Joss Whedon ever directed and every thing that has happened to anyone or anything affiliated ever. I could handle Buffy going off the air because I still had Angel, but now . . . there's nothing. Aparently the Serenity movie is either really good or really bad?

Found that link via the USA top 100 pop candy list which is very fun.
Coach Roz is a hottie!

My boss's sister is Coach Roz of the Sierra College Women's Basketball team. She was very dismayed to see she did not get any hottie points, indicated by a little chili pepper, on the ratemyprofessors.com website. If you go to Sierra College and have had Coach Roz please go and give her some chili peppers.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

How does everyone feel about me putting a bunch of Helianthus 'Lemon Queen' in the front next to the sidewalk? It could be cool.
MagnificentBastard has a weblog. I went to college with this guy. Please keep in mind, he's very smart and completely full of shit. You know how I feel about people who move far away, but Ladies, you could do a lot worse.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Things that were said to me this weekend at parties:

1. I like your . . . holiday outfit.

2. You're an outsider now, just go with it.

3. Are those the ultra-low-rise cut? Let me see the pockets.
This is how I used to get dates. It worked pretty well, but the dates you get tend to be assholes. By contrast, now I look for the sweetest, dorkiest fellows. I've been very pleased with the results.

Friday, December 10, 2004

My adult acne is going to look so festive with my red sequined holiday top this weekend. I can do sort of a Picassoesque-Rudolph look.
Nectar of the Goddesses! Don't even try, we already bought the domain name.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Things that make me happy right now:

1. When girl bloggers refer to their husbands as "Mr. Theirblogsname." Mine would be called Mr. Lady Candyass Sharkbite, and I'm sure he would love that.

2. Thinking about the names of the children Lady Candyass Sharkbite would have with Rex Venom. Actually I have an exteme internet crush on Rex Venom.

3. old Wilco.

4. The new Gwen Stephani album and my friend Allyn singing along at the top of his voice to the new Gwen Stephani album.

5. Being inside on a clean happy bright snow day like this.

6. Living in Roseville where it is currently 63 degrees Fahrenheit .

7. Cake with plastic rings stuck in the side as decoration.

8. Being called Auntie K-Rock.

I'm in the paper today, sort of.

Since I feel like some of what I said was taken out of context, I will rectify here in my own little publication:

1. When I said "all bloggers want to make money off their blogs" I meant that anyone would want to get paid to do their hobby. I also mentioned that my friends provide good content which I would pay to see.

2. When I said I was the "granddaddy" of my blogging friends I meant that I've been blogging in a very simple way for a couple of years now and I'm excited to see all the creative new things my friends are doing with their blogs.

You know what I mean right?

Also, I think Chrisanne Beckner has the hots for me.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Unedited email chain between me and my friend Julie about her husband Brian, his best friend Justin, and my boyfriend Thad who plays Dungeons and Dragons:

Julie: Hey Karin, remember when I called Brian "baby boots" in front of all his work friends and then as Cheng was leaving he poked his head back in the door and said "See you at work on Monday....BABY BOOTS"?

Karin: yeah that was awesome: especially because you said that right after you said YOU wear the pants in the relationship.

Julie: Poor little Brian, good thing he's such a good sport! Whenever he's being cutesy and then the phone rings he answers it like he's all tough-"Hey dude!" Then we laugh about it when he gets off. Does Thad have cool dude tendencies like Brian? Maybe they could have fun playing together. Brian and Justin can put on their camouflage and pretend to be GI Joe while Thad can pretend to be a fantasy dragon and they can hunt each other. Wouldn't that be awesome?
Yum! Doesn't Banana Pear Pecan Crumble sound so good! That little French chicky sure has yummy food ideas.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Alright. In honor of Rex Venom and Robot K. Synagog I would like to put forward my new internet name: Lady Candyass Sharkbite! So if you see me on the street, you can call out "hey, Lady Candyass Sharkbite, lookin' good today!" And I'll say "right back at'cha," and act like I'm shooting you a bunch of times with my thumb and fore-fingers.

Friday, December 03, 2004

How awesome is it when someone named Rex Venom comments on your site! It's on a level with getting an email from Robot K. Synagog!

p.s. Apparently I use the word "adorable" too much. I never considered the possibility that this would happen to me.
Random acts:

Three of my favorite things in life are as follows: Girl Party, Hot Girl Party, and Girl Crushes (especially when they are on me, but any configuration makes me happy).

That said, last night at the gym I couldn't stop staring at this incredibly fit and beautiful pregnant woman. She's been in my sculpting class all along but in pregnancy she has really blossomed and just glows now. Anyway, I went up to her after class and said "you are the most beautiful pregnant woman I've ever seen*, you look great." By the time I started stuttering the "you look great" part I realized that this interaction was a mistake. I had stumbled on one of the most horrible women there is: the woman who doesn't like compliments from other women. I hate these women. More than anything. The side of the woman's mouth turned up in a polite half smile and she didn't really say anything. She acted like she wanted to ignore the very uncouth thing that had just happenned.

On the flip side, I recently received the most delightful email from my internet (and one time in real life) friend Lori. She had been to see a band and loved the guitar player so much she thought he would be just my type and that I would want to date him. I was so touched that she thought about me in her real life and cared about my dating plight** enough to look for men I would like. I emailed her back and told her so and we both went about our happy ways with extra Girl Love in our hearts. Now that, my friends, is how it's supposed to go down!

So, to my lady readers: You all look very beautiful today!

*This was not actually true. My friend Kim is the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen, but it felt true at the moment.

**I am currently very happily seeing someone but she didn't know that.
Cut + Paste has so much adorable gifty stuff up for the holidays. If you are looking for interesting handmade unique gifts and want to support independent artisans, check it out.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Check out Miss Charrming! Charr's 15 minutes in the Sacramento News and Review. The picture is adorable.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Dear Weblog,

Here are things I love:

1. puppy paws, dog paws, cat paws
2. white wine
3. shaved legs on flannel sheets
4. honeycrisp apples
5. purring
6. answering the phone when the caller says "hey, gorgeous"
7. burning candles
8. the skyline of my town
9. Tres Chicas
10. finding something I thought I had forgotten
11. seat warmers

it's good to be home . . .

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Monday, November 22, 2004

Weekend highlights:

1. drank a milkshake with a hot boy

2. made horrible waffles verifying that Thad and I are the worst cooks in the world and should not be allowed to make food together

3. planted 2 roses, 8 lillies, and transplanted what I think are about 1,000,000 irises of unknown description

4. played a prayer bowl at the "Indiana Jones Store"

5. danced for roughly 5 hours including at an unidentified after hours bar in the City

6. ate ginger altoids which actually make your mouth feel hotter and dirtier

7. walked for days while ranging from slightly to very hung over and back again to see the installation at the Adobe bookstore, totally worth it! (f0rgot my camera, seriously)

8. embarked on a crochet project, remember when I used to be crafty?

Friday, November 19, 2004

Apparently I have won the Lead Belly of 2004 award! I am so honored, but really it was nothing.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hey, like my new color scheme? If you scroll down (or click here) you can see that my new background matches my bathrobe exactly. Trippy, huh?
Want to know who the 40 best bands in America are right now? Information Leafblower has compiled a list according to a bunch of cool music webloggers. Here's the list my favorite music weblogger, Largehearted Boy, submitted.

Oh Love!
I just thought of the perfect place to put aVeilchenblau rambler rose! In front of the house I have one of those ugly green pencil looking shrubs (I have so many icky shrubberies I don't know how I will ever get rid of them all) . My idea is to train the rambler as a pillar around the tall skinny green shrubbery? What do you think? should work, right? Very nearby I am putting a yellow carolina jasmine vine on another undesirable shrubbery. It looks so beautiful in my mind's eye, I hope it will be beautiful in real life.

p.s. fall evenings are the best: fog, apple crisp, hot cocoa, slippers, a mass of yellow leaves on the tree out front and the driveway thick with orange ones.

Why haven't I had a fire yet this year?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I am lucky enough to have professional (i.e. motherly) people who cook Thanksgiving and invite me to eat it. If you are not so fortunate Bookslut has started a food magazine review and this month all of the magazines are about cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Check it out if you want to know which one could really help you.

Plus: Jessa is very funny and insightful, and she used to work at Planned Parenthood, my favorite!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

My favorite roses from Antique Rose Emporium (that I don't already have):

Cherokee Rose
Alberic Barbier for white garden
Veilchenblau blue rose
Lady Waterlow
Max Graff pink and yellow ground cover

I haven't been able to figure out the differences between the types of roses yet, but don't Bourbon roses sound so enchantingly gothic?
One thing I love about the www is that the dorkier (i.e. smart, fun, silly, unpretentious, talented, interesting) you are, the more attention you get. Conversely, the cooler you are in the high school sense, the lamer you seem. Enter Oh My God It Burns and their recent experimentation filtering cheap vodka through a Brita filter. 6 times!!! This is definitely something my friends and I would have tried but we would've been drunk as skunks by the first filtratation and would never have had the discipline for the scientific method. Bravo, gentlemen.

link via not martha

p.s. someone has documented the occasion and I am so jealous, but I can't look yet. I'm going this weekend!

Monday, November 15, 2004

woo hoo! My lillies have shipped and should be here Friday! I am very broke now but everything I have ordered in the past few weeks should pretty much all arrive this week. Lucky me! One thing is an antique climbing rose called Reve d'Or for the front of the house by the front door. Here's what Antique Rose Emporium has to say about it:

Reve d’Or
French for "dream of gold", this lovely, graceful climber lives up to its name with ease. Nearly thornless it is useful in close quarters. It is especially recommended for use on porch pillars, where the pendulous, globular flowers can be seen and appreciated more easily. Once trained up and established ‘RĂªve d’Or’ will display for its admirers a wealth of large, loosely double, buff yellow roses with a rich Noisette perfume. It blooms all season, but we enjoy its fall performance best.

Garden dork is in full effect, Boyeee!

In other news, I saw the Megan Slankard Band on the weekend. Her voice is beautiful and sort of reminded me of both Ani DiFranco and Jewel by turns, if you can believe that. See her live if you can.

p.s. two shrubberies were also removed on the weekend using only my bare hands. Well, and a shovel. And I was wearing gloves.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Even though I have a really fun weekend coming up, I kind of wish I could go see Joanna Newsom's show on Saturday in Cologne, Germany. The modern art museum in Koln behind the Cathedral is probably my favorite place in Germany, having a little euro-fever lately.
highly suggestable:

After reading this entry on Angela's Sacramento Gardening Blog about 8 foot tall Lillies, I decided I needed some too, more than anything. If I got my order in under the deadline, next year I will have these in the flower bed I'm planning near the driveway and these in the back between the pink and yellow garden and the herb garden. It may have been too late, but hopefully they will take pity on me and give me the lillies I so desperately need.
World, last night I removed my old broken kitchen faucet and replaced it with one that works. Watch out World, I can do anything!

next up: shrubberies!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Here's a belated picture from my night of indecency. I'm sitting on the hood of a car in my bathrobe with the Sacramento skyline behind me (which you can't see) and Charr is testing some of her light techniques. It was a very cool experience being outside of what's allowed and yet not evil at all. I guess I don't think nudity should be against the law.

p.s. I don't really have a mullet. Anymore.

p.p.s. In a moment of blog synchronicity, Charr put some of the actual shots up today.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

All I have to say today is that my friend Kim and I are excellent at making lip balm and solid perfume and we smelled fantastic last night.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Scratch all that. Tonight I am making lip balm and we have pina colada flavoring. Also if I am very lucky I will get to drink a pina colada while I am making the little lip balms. Get your kissers ready!
Tonight I am dumped for Halo 2. But I don't care because . . . well, I will have to think of something. Oh, I know, I will hang twinkle lights and quilt. That's right, remember once upon a time when I used to be crafty? And maybe I will make apple crisp with the 27 pink lady apples I brought home from Apple Hill.

p.s. and maybe if I am very lucky my internet connection will work and I can post a photo to this blog, wouldn't that be novel!

p.p.s. now that fall is here and the light is dimmer, thinking about twinkle lights always makes me feel better. It's like hot cocoa. Oh, I can make hot cocoa tonight!
Thanks to Tashia for finding my favorite post election website so far: SorryEverybody.com

I would like to submit and will have to think of what I would like to express.

Friday, November 05, 2004

How awesome is this:

For one amazing week in November, Adobe Bookshop in San Francisco has agreed to allow its estimated 20,000 books to be reclassified by color. Shifting from red to orange to yellow to green, the books will follow the spectrum continuously, changing Adobe from a neighborhood bookshop into a magical library—but only for one week.

All I have to say about that is that I'll be there! Finding a book based on color sounds like fate to me.

via Bookslut

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I don't think I got enough sleep last night. I'm starting to compose business emails in my head as follows: Dear Foo Foo Face,
The Washington Times has an article out about weblog journaling versus paper journaling (via Largehearted Boy). Here's what my friend Julie says about it, at least the kind that I do: "I finally 'get' the weblog thing. It's kind of like all the random thoughts of the day I send you and my other friends, only your friends get to choose when they want to hear them. It's brilliant!"
My favorite moment on election night: when the NPR correspondent related Obama's wife announcing her husband "and now here's my baby's daddy."

My least favorite moment on election night: pretty much everything else.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

"The bible-banging poor vote for the bible-banging rich man who has done nothing to improve their lives over the past four years. In fact, he's done many things to make their lives worse. And now THEY are the ones making MY life worse. Thanks. Thanks a fucking lot." -girlreaction

I know they're just people and they deserve my compassion but why do they have to be so very very stupid?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I was wondering how we would get through. Bookslut posted an Election Month Survival Guide. Check it out in your time of need.

I don't suppose it's possible that Kerry will win by such a large margin as to make reality-phobic Bush concede? We can always hope! Like all those Boston folks keep saying: Believe!
Julie helped me to figure out what I was for Halloween:
I think you were the daughter of a casino owner in Las Vegas, named Eliza. You left school at 15 to become a show girl, but are really an innocent at heart.

Unrelated news: countdown to the OC in T minus two days.

Monday, November 01, 2004

I've owned my house for exactly one year today! I wish I had a photo to post, but I've never taken one, will have to remedy now that we are entering the year of curb appeal for my home (currently a bit/very low in that area so maybe no photo is for the best). Warning: the following lists will only be interesting to me.

1st year changes, chronologically:

1. painted kitchen cabinets and counter
2. painted living areas
3. gussied up light switch plates
4. tiled bathroom, replaced toilet (thanks Paul!)
5. put checkerboard linoleum in kitchen
6. took out three shrubberies
7. tiled back porch
8. planned garden, installation of many key features
9. built new fence for back of backyard (thanks Chris!)
10. painted and installed new light fixture in bathroom

projected 2nd year changes:

1. replant lawn
2. rejuvenate front planter
3. tile kitchen counter and install new sink
4. bust out kitchen and install peninsula cooking station
5. reframe inside doorways between living areas for new traffic pattern
6. redo gutters to match trim and not leak
Kim posted a few pictures from our joint Halloween on her website 1, 2, 3. We had a wonderful time! (just don't ask me what I was supposed to be)
Tomorrow's the big day and so far I know how I'm voting on exactly one question (President). Let's just say I have a lot of reading to do tonight!

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The True Love Cafe has a blog now, even though they don't have a cafe anymore, to keep in touch with all of us die hard groupies. They have a question out about other cool Sacramento coffee places. I still miss the True Love pretty badly but Infusion on 17th and K sounds neat to try out and I love the Java Lounge on 2416 16th Street though hardly ever get over there now.
As some of you may know, this crazy person is my ex-boyfriend. Obviously now that he's semi-famous he is beyond fascinating to me and my friends. It's very weird to see someone you knew pretty well get all of this fame and fortune. So, ever since I found out that his book was sold to be a movie I've wanted to know who would play him. Who would play your ex-boyfriends in the movie of your life? But it's not the movie of my life, it's the movie of his life and he will be played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Crazy, huh? This is especially weird to me since of all the actors in Hollywood Jake Gyllenhall is hands down my current favorite studliest hunk, except for maybe that guy from Bridget Jones's Diary (not Hugh Grant). Let's just say: not who I would've picked.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A list of this minute:

Pink Lady apples are my favorites, but I would like to try the Honeycrisp everyone's raving about.

I stabbed myself under my tongue with my ring finger while flossing and there's still a bump two days later.

Never refer to yourself in the third person on a conference call, actually ever.

Don't you think I need pink tennis shoes?

It's nice to hear the rain at night and feel snug in your own little ark, especially if there are two kitties purring in it.

Current favorite song: Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie by Joanna Newsom

My shower is really clean. I would even confidently let my Grandma shower in it.

I kept thinking about how funny this was all last night so I figured I'd better put a link up, Mainly to protect my friends from a bunch of "it was so funny, you should've read it" type comments: One woman's account of a Billy Corgan poetry reading.

via Bookslut

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Do you know your President?

"Bush supporters have numerous misperceptions about Bush’s international policy positions.
Majorities incorrectly assumed that Bush supports multilateral approaches to various international issues—the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (69%), the treaty banning land mines (72%); 51% incorrectly assumed he favors US participation in the Kyoto treaty--the principal international accord on global warming. After he denounced the International Criminal Court in the debates, the perception that he opposed it increased from 24% to 38% among Bush supporters, but a majority of supporters (53%) continued to believe that he favors it. Only 13% of supporters are aware that he opposes labor and environmental standards in trade agreements – 74% incorrectly believe that he favors including labor and environmental standards in agreements on trade.

In all these cases, there is a recurring theme: majorities of Bush supporters favor these positions, and they infer that Bush favors them as well. For example, in PIPA’s September 8 – 12 poll 54% of Bush supporters favored participation in Kyoto, 66% favored participation in the land mines treaty, and 68% favored a treaty prohibiting testing nuclear weapons (CTBT). Apparently in the absence of evidence to the contrary, Bush supporters assume Bush feels as they do."

From the PIPA Report 10/21/2004

via BBC Blogging the US Election
Peter Gabriel Quiz update: My friend Charr also took the Peter Gabriel quiz and also turned out to be In Your Eyes. I went back to the quiz site and tried to put in a bunch of random answers to see what the other songs would be. Turns out I got In Your Eyes as the answer every time except for two when I got Slegehammer (which I don't even think Peter Gabriel sang). I am starting to wonder about the accuracy of this quiz. . .
Yay!!! Now we will have two things to celebrate next week! A new President who is not borderline-retarded and the season premiere of The OC!

Monday, October 25, 2004

What I think makes perfect sense is that whenever I become unfocused, start spending too much time on things that don't matter to me, stop living my own life in my own space on my own terms, the main thing that helps me to feel like myself again is cleaning my house and feeding myself homemade food.

What I think is weird is that my cat always knows when this is happenning before I do and tries to tell me.

What I think is fucked up is that she likes to tell me by going to the bathroom in hierarchically designated non-litter box areas. The pinnacle of these areas is my bed, specifically my down comforter, to be superceded only in extreme cases by the pillow, or when the case is dire indeed directly on me when I am in bed.
The surprise issue of Knitty is out and I love the Booby Scarf (I typed "Booby Scarfy" the first time, hee!) the most! I love the round fluffy breasts but the optional nipple might be a little too suggestive for my personal taste.

p.s. the surprise issue is also a breast cancer awareness issue! These people are obsessed with breasts for health reasons as well as aesthetic ones. Have you checked yourself lately?
I saw the American version of Shall We Dance yesterday and it was really fun! I excitedly pondered taking ballroom dancing lessons for about a minute until I realized they would definitely require me to wear high heels. Anyway, I was very distracted by this beautiful honest sort of unadorned song that they played during one of the climactic scenes and I found out it is a Peter Gabriel song called Book of Love. I had a lot of trouble figuring out if this is his song or a cover or what the deal is, but in my googgling efforts I did find this delightful quiz:

you were a Peter Gabriel song you would be :

In your Eyes
indeed. You very much the Charismatic person. You try very hard to

honor those you love. Romantic. Just don't strangle them!

Be a lover, not a hostage taker. That's only because of your deep

passion for life and people,which no one can blame you for.

Now I never post quizzes, actually I rarely take quizzes, but I thought this one was oddly relevant because of how I found it. I also like my result, because I think In Your Eyes, and now Book of Love are the only two Peter Gabriel songs I know. If you are going to define yourself by something random, it may as well be by a list of songs most of which you don't know.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

OK, it's a whole new world. I was clinging to my old template that had all of the code for my comments feature, and for all of my webrings (well maybe I was only on one webring, but still)! It's all gone now and so is my simple awesome old template. Apparently now I am not allowed to have a link to a single Archive page. I used to have a simple and classic "Archive" button that would lead to a separate page with all of my archived entries. Now I have to have a link to each of my archived pages on the main page. I use weekly archives so that's about 52 archive links per year for two years and counting, seems a bit excessive. And I guess we're not using tables any more because my sidebar is shoved down to the bottom of the posts since I put up a photo that's too big! I'm sure everyone else is already over these changes and has found the happiness and bliss that come with the new and improved.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Pop Quiz:

What kind of idiot decides to tinker around with the color scheme on her blog and then unintentionally deletes everything after the very first table tags. What kind of idiot would then decide the preview feature had a glitch and SAVE the template of her newly gutted weblog thereby losing every modification she had ever made. Hi, my name is Karin, nice to meet you.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It's actually storming outside right now and our office airconditioning was stuck on. In related news this is the first day I am wearing close toed shoes since about March. I feel like I have giant clunky boats on my feet. Between the shoes and wearing my outside coat inside, I feel like I'm walking like Frankenstein with all of my arms and legs stuck straight out.

In unrelated news I will be installing twinkle lights in my house. If you think that's tacky you should see what I've already done. Mortifying the white carpet world one piece of glitter at a time.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Fall is here. I spent all drizzly day Sunday making cookies and watching movies. And this morning when I came in to work with a tupperware of homemade soup for my boss, she had brought one for me too. And Tashia brought me french fries from McDonald's, this is the best lunch day ever!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Introducing my friend Allyn's new blog Lacubrious Tempo. After ages of questioning the point of blogging he's finally come over to the dark side. I for one am very excited for the day he starts putting mp3s and gig dates up.

p.s. he loves it when you correct his grammar and spelling

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Taking Risks

Tonight I am going to do something illegal. My friend Charr is a kickass photographer and I've posed for her before a couple of times, nude. Tonight we're taking it to the streets and I will be photographed nude in public. Maybe this is stupid but I'm very excited and I have this crazy vibratey feeling that I only get when taking risks that I'm not sure I'm up to. Examples of situations that have given me this feeling:

1. Getting up on the blocks to start a race when I was on swim team.

2. The time me and Kim won a bunch of money in a bar contest.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I am so torn! I really need to see both Mean Girls and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, but I hate Lindsay Lohan! She looks like she's 50. And instead of soliciting compassion, this makes me hate her. She simply cannot star in anymore quality teenaged cinema.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Here's another installment in the long neglected "kitty porn" series.

In other news someone just called and told me he wants to move in and will give me the money next week. He's a really nice kid, but things happen. Should I believe this and stop looking?
Apparently my friend Tashia had a dream and got to talk to my cat Sabine about why she is so crazy. I have really thought about taking Sabine to see either a pet psychic or pet shrink because she has some severe behavioral issues. But of course finances never seem to provide a lot of money for pet therapy so we just muddle through. I buy a lot of Nature's Miracle and warn everyone that she bites. According to Tashia, when Sabine talks her voice sounds like Katherine Hepburn and Sabine explained that she had a very rough childhood that she could not get over. This is what I have always expected to be the case since Sabine was quarantined until I adopted her when she was 10 months old. I don't think she ever got enough love to get used to getting it although you'd think that 9 years with me would trump a few months as a baby. I am so jealous of this dream, I wish I could have talked to Sabine about everything.
This is what makes me the most crazy about President Bush: the Tardfactor (trademark The Talent Show I think). I'm so glad someone has come up with a term for it so I can hate it more concisely. It's the stupid eyebrow raising, "down home" talking, stupid way he acts that apparently makes a bunch of voters believe him when he says he is keeping America safe from terrorists. The Tardfactor makes him say "you can run but you can't hide" regarding nearly every campaign issue, although this clearly does not apply to Osama Bin Laden. And can you believe he yelled at Peter Jennings on Friday?

Friday, October 08, 2004

Isn't this little minisweater so pretty! I know I've pledged to make so many things so I won't even say it this time. I'm just saying I really like it and it's small, so whatever.
This could be the most awesome thing I've ever seen/heard of. Shannon Holman makes poems for Dutch Boy paint colors (link via apartment therapy). Apparently Dutch Boy doesn't name their colors so she makes them up and in making them up a poem comes. I have always wanted the job of making up the names for the colors, but I didn't realize I could appoint myself. Likewise I tend to use the names the colors come with (I guess I'm too cheap for Dutch Boy) to help me decide on my paint. When I was painting my bedroom and the choice was between "Purple Passion" and "Mom's Lipstick" I knew what to choose.

Great moments in paint name history:

1. I made my ex-boyfriend pick up the paint from the counter when they were screaming out "Racy Red" in front of everybody.

2. When I decided I should seriously start dating again I picked out a color called "It's a Boy" for the bathroom. It worked like a charm.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Don't you wish this were your day?

Have I mentioned that I wish my days included so much more wine, soup, and Fall? In other news a friend at work just told me in an offhand way that she has a rototiller that I can borrow. FOR FREE!!!
Getting older is so weird. Now if my date doesn't call for a few days I don't wonder if he still likes me. I actually wonder if he could have died since the last time I talked to him. I don't know if that's good or bad?

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I know it's only fair that we should have to wait for Autumn since we get Spring and Summer weather so much more quickly than anywhere else in the country. But I can't stand it any more! I'm broke! I have no money at all and I want to stay home by the fire with a glass of wine and make soup and read all day until financial conditions improve. Now I don't think that's too much to ask in October for chrissakes, but it seems a bit ridiculous when the weather is 80F out. I even have knitting waiting for me, in a damned basket. I'm sorry, I am a seasonal knitter and I feel silly knitting out of a basket with a blanket in my lap when it is 80 degrees out. This issue is really bringing out my blasphemous side.

p.s. If you would like to pay me $400 per month to live in my house in Roseville, CA I am actually a lovely person and would love to hear from you at msglitter@comcast.net

p.p.s. I will now go to step class and ride my instructor's pony

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Talent Show got a copy of the notes Mr. Bush was writing during the debate. Check em out

thanks for the link Brian!

Monday, October 04, 2004

Awesome things my step instructor says on a regular basis:

1. "Here's pattern two for your beautiful pleasure."

2. "Now ride my pony."

3. "Shift the taillights back."

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Ode to Tashia

Oh Tashia, how delightful thy are in the workplace. How I love to bother you with pointless questions regarding the scent of my shampoo or possible VPL. You are always so patient with my awkward ass gyrations and so soothing in your promises that no, you cannot see my pantyline. You are a source of inspiration to bleach and cleaning supply manufacturers everywhere. Thank you one thousand times for loaning me your Dave Chappelle dvd and for never failing to keep it real. Your delight in the Panini is a constant source of delight to all, and your disgust with the hair care practices of white women with mixed children will be a source of contemplation for me in the years to come. Let your shoes always match your outfit and may you never fall false victim to the WMDs again!
Fun Fact

AD&D - 2 meanings

1. Accidental Death & Dismemberment

2. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons

Crazy, huh!

Monday, September 27, 2004

Sarah B. is so funny. Surprisingly, my favorite part of this post is the one about “party like rock stars” which I actually say all the time. Normally though when I say it, I'm talking about doing something like yard work or watching Lifetime, The Network for Women and Dudes Who Like Made for TV movies (Brian). My possible favorite part is when "random" is spelled with three "r's," that's exactly how they say it.

Friday, September 24, 2004

I guess it's a compliment when the anorexic lady at the gym says she thinks you've lost weight?

Thursday, September 23, 2004

My Fall gardening goals (and yes, I know no one else cares about this but I have to put it somewhere I won't lose it):

1. Till dead lawn.

2. Slay unwanted shrubberies in the front yard. It is only our shrubberies which separate us from the animals. Try going to North Carolina, you'll see what I mean.

3. Seed green manure.

4. Plant verbena and butterfly bushes in the front of the front yard. This may require beauty bark (wood chips to everyone else, my family is weird) which I hate.

5. Plant everything else that's going in the front bed by the house.

6. Finish the blue garden, whatever that may be.

7. Make sure all of the plants I've bought are in their new spots and not still in the nursery pots.

8. Make strides toward not being the neighborhood blight this time next year! I want to be able to say "it's the house with the partying garden," instead of "it's the house with the dead lawn and two dead trees."

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I can't really believe this just happenned. I ordered some plants via mail order from Mountain Valley Growers. I posted about this before, I was really excited. Here's the response I got:

Good morning, and thank you for contacing us.
Your package was returned to us due to an incomplete delivery address.
If you feel this to be in error, you may place a claim with UPS for the amount of your package.
We will be happy to supply you with any information you may need.

Unfortunately, when the plants were returned they had expired.
Our gaurantee does not cover delivery failures due to an incomplete address.

We are sorry there was a problem.
Customer Service Mountain Valley Growers, Inc. The Nation's largest supplier ofcertified organic herb and perennial plants.

What this means is that I am out $50 and all of my faith in local organic businesses offering better service than glossy chains. Actually any service: I paid for something I never received and was never contacted about, but apparently that is my fault. I want to cry.
OK, I just spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out where I can get Joanna Newsom's two self released albums: Yarn and Glue, and Walnut Whales. I finally found somewhere I think has them and now I'm not even sure if I want to order them. For posterity, I believe Aquarius Records may have both. Here's the page that makes me think that.

interest via Largehearted Boy
Autumnal equinox: talk about a liminal moment and boy am I feeling it.

p.s. the in-office gym is looking like a distinct possibility today.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

for a certain someone who likes Garden State, here is Zach Braff's blog.

via fig and plum

Monday, September 20, 2004

Many thanks to Keirsten for clueing me into what a great job Doonesbury has been doing with the election. Here is a particularly delightful post about the media coverage, and here's a link to see the comic daily for free. I don't think I've looked at Doonesbury since my Dad read it and they had Quayle as that cute little waffle.

p.s. I totally spell checked Quayle, how embarassing would it be to spell that wrong?

Friday, September 17, 2004

Beside the point of the post, but I love the decorating idea in this picture from Apartment Therapy. Why not have curtains over your inside doors to make your house feel sort of like a Moroccan harem with special mysterious twists and turns. Even if you don't have a harem. Which I don't.
I am very excited for Elvis Costello's new album to come out. Apparently all of the songs are about one story, like a musical. I love the stories you always get from Mr. Costello's songs so this should be fun.

Also, I don't consider myself to be someone who really likes musicals, but I bought the CD of Paul Simon's Capeman and listened to it everyday for a year, so I guess I'm kind of into it.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

My friend Allyn is always asking me what the point of blogging is. This article finally has an answer.

In other news, Paris Hilton will be Daisy in the Great Gatsby. I am torn between being appalled and thinking it's perfect. Her voice does sound like money, but not in an attractive way. No one ever seems to talk about Nick though, and he is the whole story to me. I once dated a guy who told me he had been Gatsby for Halloween. I said Gatsby is terrible, why not be Nick. He said I'm pretty much Nick every day.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

A theme at Sparklehearts will be hanging lamps. I currently have one hanging lamp. Way to kick off a theme.
Ultimate Donut Party 2000!!! There are three boxes of Krispy Kremes and one GIANT box of regular donuts here!

p.s. how lame will I be when it's 2060 and I still call everything "ultimate party 2000?" Maybe exactly as lame as I am now since it's not 2000 now either?
I really like the moral of James P. Pinkerton's article about blogging:

"But if the bloggers have power, it's because they form a robust intellectual marketplace, in which assertions must prove themselves before a jury of cyber-peers. In the words of James T. Smith, of critical-thinker.blogspot.com, "The blogosphere is the people." To be sure, the marketplace can make mistakes, but on the whole, like democracy itself, the more folks participating, the better the functioning."

Lately I have been considering my responsibility in the upcoming election. I feel pretty strongly about the whole thing but I know I don't like other people dumping their political opinions all over me. (This is also because I usually think they're wrong and I'm right, but that's beside the point) So,I've decided to participate via comments in the side bar and leave the normal content of this site how it is.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I like the idea in this post of having an annual garden party so your friends can admire your hard work and you can recharge on the beauty of what you are creating instead of always finding fault.
This post from Cold Climate Gardening made me wish I loved pears enough to wait 100 years for perfect ones. Of course I'm envious of an established garden this year.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Hey, you know how I hate people affiliated with Iowa? Well there's this girl who I interviewed to be my roommate before I found the best roommate ever. I liked her and I asked her to live here and she decided she wanted to live in white-carpet-land over by the Galleria. Fair enough, but it pissed me off. And she's from Iowa. That was in February and I have seen this girl all over town, including at Starbucks, the grocery store, DMV, and tonight at my step class. And she parked her step right next to mine way closer than necessary. She never remembers me and I never introduce myself but I feel awkward all the same. Ok, I have to say it: this town's not big enough for the both of us!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

This is the purse that kicked off my little pursey phase. I wish I would've made the handle holders longer. This purse already looks like crap, apparently I am not the type of person who can carry a white purse without getting it all dirty. I just realized though that I've gotten many more compliments on this purse in the last week or so than I did when it was cleaner. Weird.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Fall Knitty is out and boy is it great! I love clapotis, zigzag, and unbiased, though I doubt I'd actually put in the effort to make zigzag. I know I don't knit anymore lately, but finishing Rogue is my FIRST priority of the fall, right after the front yard. So it's my SECOND priority of the fall!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

I got an email this morning from Robot K. Synagog about "best erection treating problems at our site." I don't really have problems with erections (except for there being no men for them to be attached to) but if I did, you can bet I would go see old Robot about the cure! I also think that Robot K. Synagog would be a good name for a geeky boy rock band for me to fall in love with.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Why is it that the end of winter and the end of summer are so unbearable? I find the end of Spring and the end of Autumn quite delightful.

p.s. if you are on ebay and you are trying to outbid me on glass towel bars, you are going DOWN!!! I want all the towel bars for me!!

p.p.s. we all have our priorities

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Alright, my newest foray into trying to get dates any way I can is called myspace.com. It was reccommended to me by my hairdresser who gave me dorkbangs. But she is really cute and she does have a boyfriend so who am I to argue. Here's my profile (warning, you have to be a member to look at it, but it's free to join and I'll add you to my friend's list, promise!) Anyway, I was about to bitch about how I put my profile up yesterday morning and still nobody wants to be "friends" with me but now I have one message and one "friend request." So that's more like it.

And on a similar note, here's how Mary Blaire is dealing with the search for a date. She's a bit more goal oriented than I am though.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Here's another ridiculous cutsey word reference that I just found:

"milk, a ripe banana, strawberries, maybe some yoghurt and/or honey, whizz it all up and you have the best summer brekky drink."

Note the use of the word "brekky."

I should admit that use of the term "bisky" is very prevalent in my family when discussing a dog biscuit.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

This is the tomato garden a couple of days ago. Tall, huh? They are in a bed that used to be the home of two big shrubs so I filled in the holes with compost and some manure and stuff. I think that is why my tomatoes are taller than I am but not overly productive: too much nitrogen. I'm still hoping for late season development though since I only planted these in May and late May at that.

p.s. I cleaned my kitchen top to bottom last night and it really, really needed it. Now I can't stop daydreaming about going home to be in it. Dirty much?
look how awesome this review of Crayola Crayons is! Spider Man is the reviewer and he is serious. Apparently coloring the shit out of stuff is his hobby, who knew? The review is very well done and thorough.

via ljc

Monday, August 30, 2004

Here's a little nursery who I've heard of often since they are local to this area, but this time I finally ran into their website: Annie's Annuals. And they sell perennials and other stuff too, not just annuals. They will be having a fall planting party in October so I may try to go to that. The website design is really cute but my favorite thing is that they have a "wishlist" feature! I have so many little post-it notes with my favorite plants written down and then I forget what they look like or why I thought they were so special.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Another little purse. This one is based on my sister's purse which has the same basic shape and is also made with vintage fabric. Alright, it's a knockoff. But I used fabric that is much louder than hers. Here's the inside.

p.s. I've been having a lot of trouble with the inline picture feature on blogger lately. They keep leaving?

This is the result, so far, of my experiment with Apartment Therapy's curtain hanging tutorial. I really like how the curtain separates the space. Here's a picture of what it used to look like when I came in the front door. I really like how the curtains hide the view of the crafty crap but still let light into the living room and allow me to watch the living room TV while I'm crafting. Also the living room feels so cozy now that it's the right size. The wire was so easy to hang and all of the hardware and everything only cost me about $10. The only thing I don't like are the curtains themselves. When I was hanging the wire I kept thinking about all the fabric I have, I was sure I would have something that would work. Turns out not.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Seeing this post at Bookslut about Dean Koontz reminded me of the two things I know about Mr. Koontz:

1. My sister used to read his books when I was becoming the book snob I am today. I was not impressed.

2. My horrible ex-boyfriend used to like to end fights with me by telling me that I wrote like Dean Koontz. I would then promptly throw him out of the house and he would not have to deal with me until at least the next day.

For the record, I have never actually read anything by Mr. Koontz.
Here is the coolest thing I bought from Park's little sale: Limelight Hydrangea. I hope it lives up to the hype.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

There seems to be a little bug going around that is telling everyone to update something technical about their boring old blog layout. It's gotten to me too and I've decided I want to make special mini blogs for the sidebar to capture what I'm reading, and my current interests. I want an archived record of these things. Preliminary attempts have not yet yielded results, but we will see if I can prevail. I think so far I've been able to do everything I've wanted with my websites but I've always aimed pretty low.

p.s. Will someone please pay my supplemental property taxes?

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

With my little purse-making phase I've been taking a look online at the crafty girls who's purses I have always liked for inspiration. Here are some of my favorites:

Cut + Paste
Sparkle Craft

Mighty Flirt

Here's another thing I hate. A certain person who's blog I read (even though I don't know her personally or even email with her) recently had a perfectly wonderful time spontaneously getting married in the middle of the night outside of a bar. I happenned to take a look at her comments and it looks like a bunch of her friends, or at least blog lurkers, have decided to dump all over the whole delightful thing by pointing out irrelevancies like marriage licenses. Would you please just stomp the magic into the floor! Party poopers should be officially banned from leaving comments on perfectly fun people's blogs!

p.s. I certainly have become quite the hater! I should go to Dave Chapelle's Player Hater's Ball!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I am getting very excited about the fall plant sales and my fall gardening plans. I am planning on buying a few things at 40% off from Park's recent email flyer and a bunch of stuff at Mountain Valley Growers' mysterious Labor Day sale. I have been haunting Mountain Valley's site for a couple of months now to learn everything they know about herbs, and they are local to my area so I feel like I can trust what they have to say about the plants to be true for my climate. In addition I need at least one fabulous climing rose for the front of the house and I've settled on Reve d'Or. I had wanted to get this from Michael's Premier Roses which is actually in Sacramento, but they don't have that one so I am planning to try The Antique Rose Emporium. I purchased a few plants earlier this year from Park with excellent results but haven't tried any of the others. If anyone in my vast readership has any experience with any of these companies let me know.
When I got up today it was still kind of dark. It felt weird to turn on the light in the bathroom. We also are having a few days of unseasonably cool weather and cloudy days. As usual I am getting tired at the end of summer and have turned domestic. I made curtains and a peach pie this weekend. And I started working on some purses which I will try to sell at a friend's little winter craft fair.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Here are things I hate:

When people call a sandwich a "sammie." I love all other cutsey names for sandwiches including the following: samich, samamich, sandy-wich.

When people say "congrats." Why is it so much extra work to say congratulations. Are you really sincerely congratulating someone if you can't even take the time to say the full word?
I love this tutorial for hanging curtains across a room at Apartment Therapy. I have wanted to separate my dining room (used as a crafty room with all the crap that entails) from the living area for a while now, but I don't really have the cash or the motivation right now to build a new wall and with pass through windows. I had thought about doing curtains for a temporary fix since in the big picture this project will probably not even be started for at least a year. I still thought I would have to spend about a $100 on curtain hardware to make this happen and since I've already replaced all of the curtains in the house i.e. I don't need any more curtain rods, that was not overly palatable. Yay! for cheap and good fixes.

Also wanted to point out this post at Keri Smith's site about creating your own special space. Obviously I am obsessed with this notion to the point of creating a whole house in its image.

p.s. has anyone see Love, Actually? It was so good.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Look at this Random Kitten Generator and thank you to Marie for sharing it with me. I do need random kittens in my day.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

This delightful recipe for minty lemonade looks like just the thing for me since I've recently planted mint and a little Meyer lemon grove in the backyard. And now that it's August for certain in Sacramento, 103F today, it sounds soo good! I only have a slight problem, which is that my plants and trees keep trying to die on me. It's a daily battle for survival and we have at least two more hot months to go. Last night I turned on the sprinkler in the tomato garden (I need to post pictures, it's growing like gang-busters and hardly trying to die at all), I had a million things to do before bed and I was so tired, but I almost couldn't walk away from the sound and smell of the water hitting the plants and the earth. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I didn't realize that your body can crave rain the way it craves sunshine.

Anyway, for my own future reference or for any fledgling Sacramento gardeners, here is a list of the good plants that are going to town in spite of the heat, and they're only little babies. This may also be a good time to record my theory that no plant* really means "full afternoon sun" in Sacramento.

1. Lamb's ears, seriously, with very little shade

2. Butterfly bush, I plan to fill every space still available with these babies

3. Tomatoes and cucumbers with afternoon shade

4. Rose of Sharon, or hibiscus, or whatever you call it, with afternoon shade. The one out in the open is pathetic

5. Culinary Sage and Oregano, flourishing

6. Peach Trees, these may get a little tiny bit of afternoon shade but I think I planted them in June and they are still lush and green

*Obviously "no plant" does not refer to super plants Lavender and Rosemary. These are partying like rockstars.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

On occasion my job requires me to look at how people die. I remember reading my first autopsy and t

On occasion my job requires me to look at how people die. I remember
reading my first autopsy and thinking: "If I die and someone writes
'Buttocks of victim are grossly unremarkable,' I will be so pissed!"

Thursday, July 22, 2004


This is the layout view of a quilt I just did for my friend Rachel who's pregnant with Naomi (they are really on the ball with names!).  This picture turned out clearer than the ones of the finished quilt, but you can't see how cool the free motion quilting turned out.  And since I knew the baby's name I quilted it on there.  Lately, every time I make a baby quilt I think "boy this one is turning out really lame, this person is getting crap."  And then when it's done I end up loving it and feeling very proud and happy to give it to the person.  Now that I know that's the pattern I just ignore it.  I hope this won't lead to me making worse and worse quilts!

This is the map of how, basically, I want my garden to look.  Of course I did this a few weeks ago and have already departed and enhanced.  For instance, when I created the map I was  planning to nix the purple garden (located under the white crepe myrtle) so it isn't shown.  It is now one of my favorite new spots with Russian Sage, Lamb's Ears, and some other stuff I dont' know the names of,  and I even put a little froggy sculpture that came with the house in it.  I'm not sure that I want to show a lot of pictures yet.  Because, while it looks good to me, I know it looks sort of lame to anyone who doesn't know how much sweat went into it the tiny plantings so far.  Just wait till next Spring, then it'll really take off!

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I've been wanting to name my house since I moved in, but it's not much of an estate. It is only now

I've been wanting to name my house since I moved in, but it's not much
of an estate. It is only now becoming anything worth naming through
living in it. (Somehow I am not impressed with the prior owner's skill
in this area and have felt I am the one who needs to breathe life into
the place.) I stumbled upon this entry* which mentioned naming the
garden only. Perhaps I will consider this since I plan for the front
garden to be rather masculine in nature now that the back yard has
turned into such a girly party.


p.s. I started the Lolita socks and am now solidly into the arch of the
foot. This could take a while. But the pattern is really easy to
follow (I've never done lace before) and quick.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004



I love this idea. Makes me wonder if you could acheive a similar
effect at home perhaps using glass marbles as the aggregate?

Monday, July 12, 2004

doesn't a daffodil sponge cake with nasturtiums decorating the top sound delightful! So many things

doesn't a daffodil sponge cake with nasturtiums decorating the top sound
delightful! So many things and I have no time. What a wonderful
weekend, I went dancing with the sexy boys at Faces, Second Saturdayed,
planted in the purple garden, made some squares for another baby quilt,
ate quesadillas on my couch.

p.s. Best friends should never be allowed to move far away. Especially
not to anywhere as lame sounding as Watertown. Doesn't every town have

Thursday, July 08, 2004

well I'm doing such a good job of staying in the moment that I hardly have any inclination to post. I am counting last holiday weekend as a success because of the following:

1. I wore a bikini two out of three days and managed to drive in it both times. Ever wonder why I live in California? That's why.

2. Went swimming twice and finagled my way into plant watering for a friend with a pool who will be gone in August.

3. Got a bear hug from a homeless man who got high fives from everyone else in the room.

4. Bought peaches from a roadside stand in the middle of orchards.

5. Drank honey wine by candle light.

6. Bought a new belly button ring from a guy who said I looked "breaded." (I think that meant wealthy?)

7. Planted two peach trees and a plumbago.

One thing I can't stop thinking about is these lolita socks from knitty. I know I've said it before and I'll probably say it again: I am definitely making these as soon as fall hits. Or late summer. Usually in late August/early September the frenzied summer starts to wear and I like a good reason to park it on the couch in the air conditioning. I just wonder what shoes I would wear them with? I am too wimpy for any type of heel so it's tricky.

Here's hoping you're enjoying your summer as well!

Friday, July 02, 2004

Since I'm too lame to provide a real post, I would like to tell you what happenned on my boss's rece

Since I'm too lame to provide a real post, I would like to tell you what
happenned on my boss's recent business trip, as explained by her. And
since this trip reminded me of something that would happen on Dave
Chapelle's "When Keepin' It Real Goes Bad" sketch, I will report it as

A man woman and child board a flight to Minneapolis. The family seems
normal enough with the exception of the man wearing his jacket on his
shoulders like a cape. The child is about six years old. After they
are seated, the flight attendant asks them to please leave the plane for
reasons unknown to onlookers. The woman and husband decide they should
be on the flight and that this is a good time to keep it real. "No,
this is our flight, we're not getting off. We're keepin' it real."
The flight attendant explains that she will call security if they do
not deboard immediately. At this time the family could have deboarded
the flight and could possibly have received a free upgrade of some type.
But instead they said: "No, this is our flight, we're not getting off.
We'll stand up if we have to." So the security staff comes, and in turn
the Air Marshalls. The man and woman are asked to leave the plane. At
this point the family probably could have deboarded the flight and been
detained for a short time only. But the man and woman decide to keep it
real. They refuse to leave the plane. The Air Marshalls cuff the man
and woman and the child follows his cuffed parents off of the plane.
Apparently the Air Marshalls were keepin' it realer.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

This is a super cool picture taken by Philippe of his wife Soojin taking a picture of me. I don't know why but I love this picture. Together Philippe and Soojin comprise Jade Studio Photography and were such a pleasure to sit for: so nice, and so professional. If you are ever getting married in the Bay Area you should definitely try to get them to shoot your wedding, and they do portraits too. How often can you hang out naked with people you've never met before and feel totally comfortable?

Well, I've been doing a buttload of gardening/swinging a pick ax. The top picture is my inspiration for the leftover cut and broken tiles from the patio, mainly because they were already stacked there. So here's a couple pictures of what I have planted so far: plants & more plants. These plants include but are not limited to honeysuckle, hydrangea, rose of sharon, hibiscus, 3 Meyer lemon trees, mint (well controlled I hope), oregano, delphineum, butterfly bush. More to come. I also pulled a scraggly rose from the side of the house and plopped it in the middle of the herb garden because roses are herbs, right? I also picked up some extra delightful crap from garage sales to turn into garden art. And just in case you've started thinking I'm really as cute as I think I am in my cute pictures, here's one for the "oh, that's why," files.

Monday, June 21, 2004

How could I forget!!?

How could I forget!!?

Happy Summer Solstice everyone in the Northern Hemisphere! Enjoy the longest day of the year and feel free to dance naked around a bon fire or anywhere else you please!

Well now it's June, going on July so of course I find myself seduced by all things Autumny. I tend

Well now it's June, going on July so of course I find myself seduced by all things Autumny. I tend to be like this, a few months a head of myself even in summer, my favorite season. I don't know why it is so hard for me to stay in the moment! Anyway, I guess a lot of people are feeling like they have trouble enjoying because look what I found:

Keri's summer plans

because she in turn found:

Jen's list

So here is what I will do:

1. Tend my garden all summer. Just watch me!

2. Pretend I live in Tuscany. I have already planted 3 lemon trees.

3. I will leave doors and windows open all night and take cool baths.

4. Drink beer and eat olives and spanish sardines.

5. Take time off to be with Julie while I can.

6. Eat peaches.

7. Work on quilts when it's too hot outside in hippy summer dresses.

8. Plant honeysuckle and mint.

9. Stay up late when it's hot.

10. Be with my favorite people at Lake Berryessa.

11. Eat tomatoes with olive oil and basil.

12. Enjoy the patio at night.

13. Drink herbal iced tea out of glasses with ice in them.

14. Swim in everyone's pool who invites me.

15. Learn to make pie crust with my grandma.

16. Skinny dip. I have only done this once and I loved it. I hope I will have the nerve to do it again this summer.

care to check out the Designs on the White House finalists:

care to check out the Designs on the White House finalists.
My favorite is probably the "Don't drink and Vote," just because I like booze based humor. My serious favorite is probably the "If George Bush doesn't scare you..." one. I will definitely be buying one as soon as the finalists are chosen. Can't wait to wear it to my workplace full of conservatives on casual Friday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

this is probably my cue to read it:

this is probably my cue to read it:


coincidentally it is written on a piece of paper on my desk to read it

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Did you ever wonder what I would look like as a sci-fi diva? Well here you go. I was trying to take another self portrait for my "look how hot I am" series but it turned out more grainy/too much flash. But I think I look pretty cool in molten metal or whatever. And, speaking of how hot we all are, I really liked this article from The Morning News about being confident with your natural assets.

Monday, June 14, 2004


This is a picture of the barren wasteland I call a backyard, and my newest canvas for self expression/backbreaking work. I have been a bit stalled creatively lately since I have several projects bouncing around and only one budget for them all and I just couldn't decide which was the most important. So I put it to a group of friends and they sagely decided that I should garden first so the plants could get to growing while I worked on other things in the future. And they're right: if I put up a wall in my house it will be exactly the same in 2-10 years, but trees and shrubs will awesome by then (I hope). So another post with no point since even when I put everything I have planned in it won't look like much. Mainly we will use today's post as a comparison to posts I will make in the future i.e. year's down the line. Next year I hope to point to this archive with satisfaction!

And for something actually entertaining to likeminded people, well at least the really dorky ones: here is the first installment of what I plan to be another recurring feature: Kitty Porn (worksafe).

Thursday, June 10, 2004

If there was ever wallpaper I needed, this is it. See 'Syrie.' Now if only I could get to New York

If there was ever wallpaper I needed, this is it. See 'Syrie.' Now if
only I could get to New York . . .

Apartment Therapy

Wednesday, June 09, 2004



Can you believe that if I bought everything on my Amazon wish list, it
would only cost me $205.26? Plus shipping and handling of course, but
still. That really makes me think that I should just try to buy all of
it the next time I have some extra cash to spare. I wonder what this
means? Should I wish for more things or should I be happy that I
already have everything I want except for what I could get with an extra
$205.26? Of course if I had real wishes I would probably never use one
for anything on my Amazon wishlist no matter how much I want that book
about jam or Weekend Knitting.
In my attempt to participate in the Amateur Gourmet's Bring Your Gourmet to Work Day. I have failed rather miserably. Since yesterday I happened to be at Trader Joe's right after reading his Pasta Pesto Peas entry I decided to grab a bottle of pesto and a bag of whole wheat penne and sort of go at it. And by "go at it" I mean I boiled the pasta and then dumped the pesto in there. I don't really like peas so I didn't put them in. It turned out pretty boring but I am eating it at work and I'm glad to have brought my lunch since I'm on a restricted budget due to buying a couch with a chaise and a half (1.5 chaises) stuck on the end. I've been living pretty happily on alternating cheese veggie sandwiches and peanut butter banana sandwiches, but this was a nice change of pace. So maybe the failure wasn't miserable, just not exactly "gourmet." Or maybe kind of gourmet, but heavy on the "amateur." Anyway, it keeps reminding me of this salad I used to buy at the CoOp downtown that was basically pesto penne but it also had little bites of chicken and chopped up sundried tomato in it. But with all these fancy ingredients we're sort of getting away from the whole point of eating less expensively. Here's hoping your gourmet experiment is more stunning than mine!

p.s. Last night I unearthed a seriously fuzzy and thick spider (like a baby tarantula with a giant body and stubby little legs) about the size of a ping pong ball hiding halfway down in my pile of steer manure bags. It was something I never would've imagined living in North America and I really wish I hadn't seen it.

Monday, June 07, 2004

This is a picture I happenned to stumble upon of my craft table in ultimate chaos in my old apartment. It made me feel kind of nostalgic and happy and like I need to get to fiber arting a whole lot more than I have been.
life is trippy sometimes:

At a party this weekend I met the nephew of this woman who is a Spy. He in turn is some kind of crazy theoretical scientist and he brought his granddaughter who is a ballerina and totally looks it (I made her eat one of my cupcakes). Here's what he said about me in his thank you note: "Julie, I enjoyed talking with your friend from Sacramento(?)-the one who made the cupcakes. She looks like a Pre Raphaelite painting."

There is actually no point to this post except that I was tickled that this cool old guy with the fascinating stories liked me!
I think I need to make these cookies pretty soon, maybe during the week or definitely this weekend. I have no idea what they may have to do with Neiman Marcus, or even what Neiman Marcus is now that I really think about it, but they look really tasty. I have been on quite the little baking binge lately:

5/31/04 - yogurt cake (I know it's supposed to be French but how long can I really be expected to remember all of those vowels?),

6/4/04 - rather pretty little cupcakes made from boxed yellow cake and topped with preprepared cream cheese frosting and coconut. Perhaps not the most homemade but they were very tasty and I was on a deadline. I guess I should've taken a picture, they were awfully pretty.

p.s. If you are going to take cupcakes to a party instead of strawberry delight, you should first ask the following:

a) will any of the hosts be providing a gigantic wedding cake sized cake with three layers;

b) will a renowned pastry chef be bringing or sending with her husband a cake which everyone will know to be extra delicious.

If the answer to either or these questions is "yes" you may want to reconsider bringing your rather pretty little cupcakes.

Cookie recipe via Chocolate and Zucchini.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Check out this hallway. I visited a house and the kitchen was actually painted this exact color. The girl had lots of cool turquoisey blue and white stuff in there to really set it off, like big colorful maps of South America with lots of pretty water. I vowed then and there that I would use the color as well, probably in the kitchen. (p.s. probably not until next year though. I am planning a minor remodel in the kitchen next Spring and don't want to mess with it much until then.)

7. Night with the windows open.

7. Night with the windows open.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

6. The smell and texture of fresh mint.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I must say I am a bit of a Heidi Fleiss eater so I loved this comment:

I must say I am a bit of a Heidi Fleiss eater so I loved this comment:

"Do you really want to limit the enjoyment of your fine dining years so
you can extend the duration of your baby food years? Let's hope not."

Wimpy eaters are a serious pet peeve of mine. It's just food, it's
not going to kill you. Thank you Amateur Gourmet

things I love

Inspired by Nothing to Declare's list of 50 things she loves, I also will post 50 things I adore, but not all at once. Actually it will be more like Keri's list of new things she's learned, numbered and returned to periodically. Here are a few on my mind today:

1. Any opportunity for anyone to sing "Livin on a Prayer" out loud. I
got to last weekend.

2. The first day the tomatoes turn from green to kind of yellow and
orange flames.

3. Singing Air Supply and playing air guitar while driving the Bay
Bridge. (This is actually the only good reason to ever drive into San

4. Washing my hands in cold water when it's hot.

5. Pedicures.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Can you believe just this morning this was a healthy happy plant? One day in Sacramento's early summer out of the ground but in it's appointed spot. And I just watered it yesterday! Time to get serious.
Check out my friend Charr's new blog. She's a fabypoo photographer and artist extraordinaire.
Here is a section of email correspondence between me and my bestfriend who just got her PhD in Chemistry.

J: Would you like to hear a passage from my thesis?
"The signal reaches a constant level, shown in hot pink... that's right, hot pink!" It's actually magenta but if I have the chance to put "hot pink" in my thesis, I'm not passing that up! I had to add the last part because Janette just challenged our whole lab to put hot pink in their thesis and
I decided it wouldn't be rebellious enough to just put hot pink anymore.

K: You are crazy! Yesterday one of our brokers dropped by unexpectedly to talk to me and I was wearing so much pink, inlcuding my new pink birkenstocks and my hair was in braided pig tails. I sort of wished I had worn something more businessy, but then I thought, "I underwrite in pink all the time, he'll just have to deal with it."

J: I really like this line, I think I'll use it:
"I do science in lipstick all the time, they'll just have to deal with it." Yeah!

And now you know what big dorks we are!

Monday, May 31, 2004

This morning I made the wonderfully simple yogurt cake created by Chocolate and Zucchini and further popularized by Super Eggplant. It was very tasty and seasonal since I picked up the raspberries at the farmer's market yesterday. Of course I didn't do any of the foo foo things the girls did since I was a bit hungover today but it turned out quite nice. In the future I will put in more raspberries (how much is 300 grams?) and keep powdered sugar on hand for Mariko's topping.

Look how big my little baby got! Here's a picture from one year ago. Lori's recent posts of her tabby have made me realize that I don't post about my cats nearly enough. It is my blog after all, why should I have to go elsewhere to see tasty tabby pictures.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Look how cool these projects are!

Look how cool these projects are!

Some are a little crazy (see Raising Catfish in a Barrel) but the Make your own Garden Bench and Build a Pond for under $4 ones are really cool. This is the type of stuff I'm into lately and I think there are probably a lot of people out there like me who want to do different stuff and are way beyond the glue gun stage.

This is my favorite:

Make a Ferro Cement Garden Bench

Monday, May 24, 2004

I took this picture to show off how cool my room looks with my new lamp from Urban Outfitters. But looking at the picture all I can think is how noticeable it is that I don't have a bedskirt. Which is so crazy because when I had that photo shoot last year with the photographer from the Bee, the only problem he mentioned (because he was super nice and understanding) was that I didn't have a bedskirt. Apparently bedskirts are more important than I thought.

Friday, May 21, 2004

This morning I enjoyed what may have been the best donut of my life. It at least deserved top 5 sta

This morning I enjoyed what may have been the best donut of my life. It
at least deserved top 5 status: a plain old fashioned with so much
chocolate icing on top it looked like it had been double-dipped, still
slightly warm inside. What a way to celebrate National Carb Awareness
Day even if it was technically yesterday.

I'm getting ready for a party at my house tomorrow! My best friend is
getting her PhD in Chemistry. Oh, I just realized the theme of the
party should've been "Smarty had a Party!" I've been looking up mojito
recipes and methods for making simple sugar. Yum yum!

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Save the Carbs!

Save the Carbs!

He said: "if you have a website, please spread the word."
Today is National Carb Awareness Day!

What should we eat?

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Thank You Tomato Man!

Thank You Tomato Man!

There's a guy in my old neighborhood who grows tomatoes, peppers, and
some herbs from seed and sells them from a stand set up on the road in
front of his house. The plants are sold in little red plastic cups and
cost $.50 each. The tomato man is very knowledgeable but I think better
at talking to plants than humans. I have been buying from him for years
now and have yet to get a straight answer from him. If you ask what
heirlooms he would reccomend he will explain the differing degrees of
newness and efficiency of the hybrids. I spent $7 and got 6 tomato
plants, some cucumbers, basil and a French Thyme. Check him out if you
are in Orangevale on Walnut about halfway between Orangevale Avenue and

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Predictably, my favorite part of Bel Canto is the Gen/Carmen scenario.

My little tomato plants are growing up so big! I bought 25 bags of steer manure for the back bed this week so I am hoping to get the tomatoes and herbs in this week. Next year I won't have to deal with the patio so I'll be a lot more on the ball. What's this Permaculture I keep hearing about? I think it may be for me, I'll have to do a bit of research.
In my ongoing ego-rant about how I'm so cute and why can't I get a date (because I know you want to hear it and I know how attractive men find women who whine about not getting dates), here's me prior to going on my blind date with the 40 year old.

I think I looked damned fine if I do say so myself.

That's right, he was 40! Unfortunately I will be continueing this line of blogging for the forseeable. You've been warned.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

perhaps this stanza from May Swenson's poem will go on my coffee table one day:

perhaps this stanza from May Swenson's poem will go on my coffee table
one day:

"Take earth for your own large room
and the floor of earth
carpeted with sunlight
and hung round with silver wind
for your dancing place"

Published today on the Writer's Almanac:

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

If I could have just one alternate reality in which I am not a homeowner in Roseville, CA. I would

If I could have just one alternate reality in which I am not a homeowner
in Roseville, CA. I would pick to live in New York City. In this
alternate reality I would be some type of computer designer or
programmer and would listen to an iPod on the subway. I would have to
visit the office weekly for creative meetings but otherwise I would work
from home with a mug of tea next to the computer. I would silk screen
my own indie t-shirts and have a balcony or rooftop garden stuffed with
tons of geraniums.

Apartment Therapy for the homeowner/hippy/farmer

Apartment Therapy for the homeowner/hippy/farmer

I've been reading this blog for a few weeks or maybe a month now.
While it is written to a NYC audience, I am finding that a lot of the
themes speak to me practically directly. I am interested in home as an
extension of self, a place where you can be calmed and thrilled and
rejuvenated. I am not interested in "matching" or doing anything the
subscribed way. The place where I live should be harmonious with the
earth and art should be a focus. Now I am struggling with killing my
lawn (the old fashioned way via hot Sacramento sun and no water). I
feel horrible that the neighbors must think I am a blight on their
neighborhood, but I don't believe in water sucking lawns in this climate
or in maintaining them for show.

alright I'm done with my meandering rant, go look at: