Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Unedited email chain between me and my friend Julie about her husband Brian, his best friend Justin, and my boyfriend Thad who plays Dungeons and Dragons:

Julie: Hey Karin, remember when I called Brian "baby boots" in front of all his work friends and then as Cheng was leaving he poked his head back in the door and said "See you at work on Monday....BABY BOOTS"?

Karin: yeah that was awesome: especially because you said that right after you said YOU wear the pants in the relationship.

Julie: Poor little Brian, good thing he's such a good sport! Whenever he's being cutesy and then the phone rings he answers it like he's all tough-"Hey dude!" Then we laugh about it when he gets off. Does Thad have cool dude tendencies like Brian? Maybe they could have fun playing together. Brian and Justin can put on their camouflage and pretend to be GI Joe while Thad can pretend to be a fantasy dragon and they can hunt each other. Wouldn't that be awesome?


Lacubrious said...

uhmmm...usually I don't go this route, but lacubrious says, "Super gay!!!", but it's cool if I get to be the unicorn... or the rainbow that shines with a thousand smiles

DrPink said...

As long as you're a hetero rainbow that shines a thousand smiles!

Rex Venom said...

D&D rocks. I A M S U C H A N E R D!