Friday, December 03, 2004

Random acts:

Three of my favorite things in life are as follows: Girl Party, Hot Girl Party, and Girl Crushes (especially when they are on me, but any configuration makes me happy).

That said, last night at the gym I couldn't stop staring at this incredibly fit and beautiful pregnant woman. She's been in my sculpting class all along but in pregnancy she has really blossomed and just glows now. Anyway, I went up to her after class and said "you are the most beautiful pregnant woman I've ever seen*, you look great." By the time I started stuttering the "you look great" part I realized that this interaction was a mistake. I had stumbled on one of the most horrible women there is: the woman who doesn't like compliments from other women. I hate these women. More than anything. The side of the woman's mouth turned up in a polite half smile and she didn't really say anything. She acted like she wanted to ignore the very uncouth thing that had just happenned.

On the flip side, I recently received the most delightful email from my internet (and one time in real life) friend Lori. She had been to see a band and loved the guitar player so much she thought he would be just my type and that I would want to date him. I was so touched that she thought about me in her real life and cared about my dating plight** enough to look for men I would like. I emailed her back and told her so and we both went about our happy ways with extra Girl Love in our hearts. Now that, my friends, is how it's supposed to go down!

So, to my lady readers: You all look very beautiful today!

*This was not actually true. My friend Kim is the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen, but it felt true at the moment.

**I am currently very happily seeing someone but she didn't know that.


Mz.BadAzz said...


GIRL POWER!!!!!!!!


Rex Venom said...

Call me nuts (“Here nuts! Here nuts!” Get it? Oh. Tough room…), but I would have thought it a nice thing, being told one is beautiful. Some people’s kids! Well, I don’t know you, or what you look like, but I read some of your blog here and I would bet Burger King coupons that you are beautiful too. So there you go.

Charr Crail said...

Rex, you are right-- she IS beautiful! And I have much Girl Love for darling Karin! :)
All I can say about the pregnant woman is that perhaps her hormones were raging. That said it's an odd trait born of immense insecurity that makes some people scowl at a compliment. I try at every opportunity to light up and give back my biggest smile and hearty "Thank you!" to anyone kind enough to compliment me and I encourage everyone to do the same even if it scares the heck out of you!!!!!

Lin said...

Ah yes, it's true - Kim is the most beautiful pregnant woman. Could I be second, though, or third? You look beautiful everyday, and especially radiant when you're in love. Girl love back to you. Have a nice day! :)

karin said...

Linda, how could I forget! you are also the most beautiful pregnant woman I have ever seen!

Lin said...

And with that, I graciously thank you, as a compliment like that should be taken. Damn gym whore! ;)