Wednesday, August 11, 2004

This delightful recipe for minty lemonade looks like just the thing for me since I've recently planted mint and a little Meyer lemon grove in the backyard. And now that it's August for certain in Sacramento, 103F today, it sounds soo good! I only have a slight problem, which is that my plants and trees keep trying to die on me. It's a daily battle for survival and we have at least two more hot months to go. Last night I turned on the sprinkler in the tomato garden (I need to post pictures, it's growing like gang-busters and hardly trying to die at all), I had a million things to do before bed and I was so tired, but I almost couldn't walk away from the sound and smell of the water hitting the plants and the earth. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I didn't realize that your body can crave rain the way it craves sunshine.

Anyway, for my own future reference or for any fledgling Sacramento gardeners, here is a list of the good plants that are going to town in spite of the heat, and they're only little babies. This may also be a good time to record my theory that no plant* really means "full afternoon sun" in Sacramento.

1. Lamb's ears, seriously, with very little shade

2. Butterfly bush, I plan to fill every space still available with these babies

3. Tomatoes and cucumbers with afternoon shade

4. Rose of Sharon, or hibiscus, or whatever you call it, with afternoon shade. The one out in the open is pathetic

5. Culinary Sage and Oregano, flourishing

6. Peach Trees, these may get a little tiny bit of afternoon shade but I think I planted them in June and they are still lush and green

*Obviously "no plant" does not refer to super plants Lavender and Rosemary. These are partying like rockstars.

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