Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Dear Weblog,

Here are things I love:

1. puppy paws, dog paws, cat paws
2. white wine
3. shaved legs on flannel sheets
4. honeycrisp apples
5. purring
6. answering the phone when the caller says "hey, gorgeous"
7. burning candles
8. the skyline of my town
9. Tres Chicas
10. finding something I thought I had forgotten
11. seat warmers

it's good to be home . . .

1 comment:

Lacubrious said...

not necessarily this order (or spelling) or true
1. how crochet looks like crotch
2. shaved legs next to my unshven legs
3. permanent state of drunkeness in while in international waters with (some)of you best friends
4. being so drunk(and in mexico) that you forget it's thanksgiving
5. reading about ancient roses or old...antique
6. nude exhibitionist bloggers
7. red wine
8.answering the phone when the caller says "hey, gorgeous"

7. and embarking on a crotch project