Thursday, December 16, 2004

Confession No. 3:

I bought something that I want and I don't think anyone else will really like for my office white elephant gift exchange, and I am going to try to "win" it for myself. I'm basically self-gifting through the mechanism of the gift exchange. This could backfire big time. No one ever likes the gifts I bring and I'm always pretty bitter about it (I'm petty like that). Something tells me that since I'm trying to pull this, my gift will be very popular this year.


LoriO said...

I thought the point of a white elephant gift was that it be something nobody wants? So if nobody ever liked your gift, it was doing it's job? But, anyway, brilliant plan for the self-gifting! Hope you get it. What is it?

Knitti-me said...

Well, it looks like the plan paid off! I self-gifted myself this year too - of course I'm leaving it at the office for everybody to play with.