Monday, October 25, 2004

What I think makes perfect sense is that whenever I become unfocused, start spending too much time on things that don't matter to me, stop living my own life in my own space on my own terms, the main thing that helps me to feel like myself again is cleaning my house and feeding myself homemade food.

What I think is weird is that my cat always knows when this is happenning before I do and tries to tell me.

What I think is fucked up is that she likes to tell me by going to the bathroom in hierarchically designated non-litter box areas. The pinnacle of these areas is my bed, specifically my down comforter, to be superceded only in extreme cases by the pillow, or when the case is dire indeed directly on me when I am in bed.


LoriO said...

Just this morning I put on my favorite sweater, which has been folded in the sweater hanging thingy in my closet all summer. As I am admiring it in the mirror and thinking "I need to knit a sweater just like this" I notice a large yellow spot on the lower left side. And some on the sleeve. And more on the back. Is there anything as foul as dried cat pee? And how did Petey (because I know it was Petey, damn him!) manage to pee on my sweater that was stored on a shelf higher than his head?

Not as bad as beeing directly peedupon, though. You have my condolences.

Charr Crail said...

Oh how awful! On you-- in bed??? uuuggghhh. I knew a cat named Zebra who when he got mad at the family he lived with would jump upon the kitchen stovetop and pee on an electric burner. They wouldn't know until the burner was turned on for cookiing and the foul aroma permeated the room in a sudden rush! Another uuuggghhh.