Monday, October 25, 2004

I saw the American version of Shall We Dance yesterday and it was really fun! I excitedly pondered taking ballroom dancing lessons for about a minute until I realized they would definitely require me to wear high heels. Anyway, I was very distracted by this beautiful honest sort of unadorned song that they played during one of the climactic scenes and I found out it is a Peter Gabriel song called Book of Love. I had a lot of trouble figuring out if this is his song or a cover or what the deal is, but in my googgling efforts I did find this delightful quiz:

you were a Peter Gabriel song you would be :

In your Eyes
indeed. You very much the Charismatic person. You try very hard to

honor those you love. Romantic. Just don't strangle them!

Be a lover, not a hostage taker. That's only because of your deep

passion for life and people,which no one can blame you for.

Now I never post quizzes, actually I rarely take quizzes, but I thought this one was oddly relevant because of how I found it. I also like my result, because I think In Your Eyes, and now Book of Love are the only two Peter Gabriel songs I know. If you are going to define yourself by something random, it may as well be by a list of songs most of which you don't know.

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Charr Crail said...

I thought that was pretty cool and took the test, of course I too am In Your EYES... then I posted it to my blog too...