Tuesday, February 24, 2004

February: When all the juice is sucked out of life.

February: When all the juice is sucked out of life.

Friday, February 20, 2004

I have a very big weekend coming up. My new roommate is moving in, my best friend is coming over, a

I have a very big weekend coming up. My new roommate is moving in, my
best friend is coming over, and I have a blind date with a librarian on
Sunday night at Thai Basil. Plus it's supposed to be rainy so we'll
have a big fire in the fireplace and hot cocoa and a trip to Grandma's
to top it all off. Marie loaned me her swift and ball winder so I'll
wind my double dyed Rogue wool as well. The color didn't turn out
brooding, but I'd call it zesty now.

Note: If you ever want to get a phone call, just dump four big
cannisters of kool-aid into the sink, get it all wet and sticky and
grody, and spread it on everything up to your elbows. The phone will
ring immediately and repeatedly.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004


Well, the Rogue yarn came out of the microwave pink. The pink is
definitely an improvement over the dingy ecru the yarn was when it
showed up from ebay. But I sort of feel like "Rogue" and "pink" are
opposites. I had hoped for a brooding ruby red. It is very embarassing
buying bulk kool-aid along with your organic milk. It is more
embarassing to buy two big canisters and then have to go back in two
days for two more big canisters.

p.s. Elizabeth Arden beware: the sweet smell of kool-aid blended with
the wintery smell of wet wool should not be featured in any designer
fragrance. Ever.

Monday, February 16, 2004

I'm in and I already feel so behind. But who cares, have you seen the pattern? It's gorgeous!

Here's the new kitchen floor I did over the weekend. Just feel the love! Here's a picture of during, when I had the appliances out. You can kind of see the old stuff underneath. Not too cute. This stuff is really cheap, it's actually self adhesive and I've swept about 14 times since I tidied up on Sunday, it shows everything. Basically all you have to do is a bunch of prep, and then lay it down. I probably spent 50% of the time on prep including taking the appliances out, ripping all the molding and carpet edging, and sweeping and mopping so the adhesive would stick to the floor instead of the dirt. Then I only spent 10% of my time putting the squares down and the last 40% cutting all the little edge pieces. My friend Jaya came over to help me put the appliances back so that actually only took a sec. To tell the truth, the carpet isn't neatly tacked down yet, but I'll get there. I really love the results, I love the graphic crispness. Here's Sabine enjoying the floor, she also has an appreciation for graphic cripness.

p.s. Right now I have yarn in the mircrowave, the Rogue finally arrived!

Don't you love it when you go to your high school prom and you're having all this drama with your fr

Don't you love it when you go to your high school prom and you're having all this drama with your friends, the person you trusted the most just betrayed you, and then a choreographed group dance breaks out in the middle and everybody has an awesome time rocking out? I do. At least I love it when that happens on teeny bopper movies shown on cable while I'm putting a new floor in my kitchen.

to doctors

Doctors: if a patient comes in to see you with a problem SHE is having, please do not regale her with tales of how you had a similar problem but did not treat it because your life is so much more important. Seriously, I do not think this treatment method is reccomended in Medical School. And I think the reason it is not recommended is because it is pointless and kind of rude.

Thursday, February 12, 2004


Since I'm not married or in any type of romantic relationship, I have this whole weekend for personal party. What I've decided to give myself for Valentine's day is a new vinyl kitchen floor in a black and white checkerboard pattern. The weather looks kind of iffy this weekend, but I hope for sun so I can get some good pictures of the process.

p.s. when will my yarn arrive? I keep seeing pictures of started Rogues, they're torturing me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

looking good

I got my eyebrows waxed on Friday and the woman was so thorough she made sure to rip some of the skin off of both of my eyelids. In addition I have a nice booger-posing zit sticking out of my nose and stress induced hives on my eyes making me look like I got punched in the face. I know you're wild with desire but, Gentlemen, try to control yourselves.

Monday, February 09, 2004

signs from the universe

Reasons why I should get a dog:

1. Just reread Pam Houston's "Waltzing the Cat." That book always makes
me want a dog.

2. Went to book club for "Waltzing" and Gail had a new dog, so mellow.

3. Chicknits dog discussion.

4. I do have my own house now, with fenced in yard. (except for the
part that blew down in a storm last month)

I grew up with dogs. I'm not a cat person now am I? Am I?

Thursday, February 05, 2004

did anyone ever watch that show called Sledge Hammer? I just remembered that. It would be on Satur

did anyone ever watch that show called Sledge Hammer? I just remembered
that. It would be on Saturdays or Sundays when I was a kid (we did not
have cable) but it looked too crappy even for me to watch. I've never
heard anyone mention it, then or now.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

let's get physical, physical

Tonight I start a thrice weekly (that's right, I said "thrice") Step
Aerobics class! Since I am not overweight to start with, I anticipate
that by the end of the month I will be totally toned and buff. How could
I not be? This is so exciting! I also think that by the end of the
month, when I am toned and buff, it will be Spring and I can start
wearing skirts and tank tops. There may be a slight break in my logic.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

baby steps

1. Over the weekend I did a little stripey to put under my arm on that
cabley number I was working on in the fall that was too small. I tried
sewing it together and it looked terrible, I think I need to use real
finishing techniques for this one. This is particularly true becasue
I'm attaching a ribbed panel to a body piece that is ribbed at the
bottom and then reverse stockinette stitch to the armpit. With a little
waist shapping thrown in. Just typing that makes me think I should've
matched the strip to the pattern on the body piece; but I ribbed it to
make it extra stretchy. I think I need to rip.

2. Last night I free motion quilted another panel on my grandma's
quilt. It was one of those sessions when my machine decides to do all
this grody stuff on the actual quilt after I've tested the stitch on my
practice piece and it looks great. I hate that! But only two more
panels left.

Monday, February 02, 2004

that's it!

I hereby ban anyone from Iowa from coming within 50 yards of me!

Sunday, February 01, 2004

This is a picture of the cool cup I made at Petroglyph. My boss took me for my birthday (belatedly, we've been busy) and it was so fun! They play 80's music and you hang out and paint until closing. We had wanted to bring adult beverages but apparently there was an "incident" and they don't let you do that any more.