Monday, June 07, 2004

I think I need to make these cookies pretty soon, maybe during the week or definitely this weekend. I have no idea what they may have to do with Neiman Marcus, or even what Neiman Marcus is now that I really think about it, but they look really tasty. I have been on quite the little baking binge lately:

5/31/04 - yogurt cake (I know it's supposed to be French but how long can I really be expected to remember all of those vowels?),

6/4/04 - rather pretty little cupcakes made from boxed yellow cake and topped with preprepared cream cheese frosting and coconut. Perhaps not the most homemade but they were very tasty and I was on a deadline. I guess I should've taken a picture, they were awfully pretty.

p.s. If you are going to take cupcakes to a party instead of strawberry delight, you should first ask the following:

a) will any of the hosts be providing a gigantic wedding cake sized cake with three layers;

b) will a renowned pastry chef be bringing or sending with her husband a cake which everyone will know to be extra delicious.

If the answer to either or these questions is "yes" you may want to reconsider bringing your rather pretty little cupcakes.

Cookie recipe via Chocolate and Zucchini.

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