Monday, December 20, 2004

oh, no she didn't

Falling Petals is totally trying to run game on my man!


Falling Petals said...

Uh-Huh!!!....Oh Yes she did!!!....heeheehee!!!
I don't mind sharing his brain.....but
the rest of him is mine!!!
(and if I knew how to type what the sound
of me sticking out my tongue to give you
a raspberry ...I would insert it here...LOL!!)
No hard feelings!!! :0)
Happy Holidays!!!

ps.....his ego is already over inflated with all this flattery and attention he has been getting from his blog honeys...haha!!....I'm sure he will love our little cat fight over him.....too funny!!!
Have a good one!!

Charr Crail said...

I happen to be a big fan of ego... it only makes him more appealing to me... ;)

Falling Petals said...

Well Char.....I will have to agree with you
on that one....People are very Sexy when they feel
good about themselves...(especially you know who!!)
I'm a fanatical people watcher and it's Great to watch people in good moods..they even walk different.
It's only when conceit enters the picture that I have a problem....and I would love to tell you that he is conceited and ward off all of the Blog Honeys.heehee!
but for the most part..I would have to say it never enters the the war is on Blog Honeys!!
He is sooooo going to get a kick out of this!!!
Enjoy the Holidays Ladies!!!