Monday, October 11, 2004

Apparently my friend Tashia had a dream and got to talk to my cat Sabine about why she is so crazy. I have really thought about taking Sabine to see either a pet psychic or pet shrink because she has some severe behavioral issues. But of course finances never seem to provide a lot of money for pet therapy so we just muddle through. I buy a lot of Nature's Miracle and warn everyone that she bites. According to Tashia, when Sabine talks her voice sounds like Katherine Hepburn and Sabine explained that she had a very rough childhood that she could not get over. This is what I have always expected to be the case since Sabine was quarantined until I adopted her when she was 10 months old. I don't think she ever got enough love to get used to getting it although you'd think that 9 years with me would trump a few months as a baby. I am so jealous of this dream, I wish I could have talked to Sabine about everything.

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