Thursday, October 28, 2004

As some of you may know, this crazy person is my ex-boyfriend. Obviously now that he's semi-famous he is beyond fascinating to me and my friends. It's very weird to see someone you knew pretty well get all of this fame and fortune. So, ever since I found out that his book was sold to be a movie I've wanted to know who would play him. Who would play your ex-boyfriends in the movie of your life? But it's not the movie of my life, it's the movie of his life and he will be played by Jake Gyllenhaal. Crazy, huh? This is especially weird to me since of all the actors in Hollywood Jake Gyllenhall is hands down my current favorite studliest hunk, except for maybe that guy from Bridget Jones's Diary (not Hugh Grant). Let's just say: not who I would've picked.


Charr Crail said...

OMG, I love Jake Gyllenhall! Sheesh! BTW, the other guy in Bridget Jones Diary is Colin Firth, so charming and adorable too.

Lacubrious said...

hehehe jake gyly..whatever is a good actor, but i really can't ever see him past the typecast distant special needs kids he's been playing, but then again I never met...what's his name.