Friday, October 08, 2004

This could be the most awesome thing I've ever seen/heard of. Shannon Holman makes poems for Dutch Boy paint colors (link via apartment therapy). Apparently Dutch Boy doesn't name their colors so she makes them up and in making them up a poem comes. I have always wanted the job of making up the names for the colors, but I didn't realize I could appoint myself. Likewise I tend to use the names the colors come with (I guess I'm too cheap for Dutch Boy) to help me decide on my paint. When I was painting my bedroom and the choice was between "Purple Passion" and "Mom's Lipstick" I knew what to choose.

Great moments in paint name history:

1. I made my ex-boyfriend pick up the paint from the counter when they were screaming out "Racy Red" in front of everybody.

2. When I decided I should seriously start dating again I picked out a color called "It's a Boy" for the bathroom. It worked like a charm.

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