Thursday, July 08, 2004

well I'm doing such a good job of staying in the moment that I hardly have any inclination to post. I am counting last holiday weekend as a success because of the following:

1. I wore a bikini two out of three days and managed to drive in it both times. Ever wonder why I live in California? That's why.

2. Went swimming twice and finagled my way into plant watering for a friend with a pool who will be gone in August.

3. Got a bear hug from a homeless man who got high fives from everyone else in the room.

4. Bought peaches from a roadside stand in the middle of orchards.

5. Drank honey wine by candle light.

6. Bought a new belly button ring from a guy who said I looked "breaded." (I think that meant wealthy?)

7. Planted two peach trees and a plumbago.

One thing I can't stop thinking about is these lolita socks from knitty. I know I've said it before and I'll probably say it again: I am definitely making these as soon as fall hits. Or late summer. Usually in late August/early September the frenzied summer starts to wear and I like a good reason to park it on the couch in the air conditioning. I just wonder what shoes I would wear them with? I am too wimpy for any type of heel so it's tricky.

Here's hoping you're enjoying your summer as well!

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