Sunday, June 27, 2004

This is a super cool picture taken by Philippe of his wife Soojin taking a picture of me. I don't know why but I love this picture. Together Philippe and Soojin comprise Jade Studio Photography and were such a pleasure to sit for: so nice, and so professional. If you are ever getting married in the Bay Area you should definitely try to get them to shoot your wedding, and they do portraits too. How often can you hang out naked with people you've never met before and feel totally comfortable?

Well, I've been doing a buttload of gardening/swinging a pick ax. The top picture is my inspiration for the leftover cut and broken tiles from the patio, mainly because they were already stacked there. So here's a couple pictures of what I have planted so far: plants & more plants. These plants include but are not limited to honeysuckle, hydrangea, rose of sharon, hibiscus, 3 Meyer lemon trees, mint (well controlled I hope), oregano, delphineum, butterfly bush. More to come. I also pulled a scraggly rose from the side of the house and plopped it in the middle of the herb garden because roses are herbs, right? I also picked up some extra delightful crap from garage sales to turn into garden art. And just in case you've started thinking I'm really as cute as I think I am in my cute pictures, here's one for the "oh, that's why," files.

Monday, June 21, 2004

How could I forget!!?

How could I forget!!?

Happy Summer Solstice everyone in the Northern Hemisphere! Enjoy the longest day of the year and feel free to dance naked around a bon fire or anywhere else you please!

Well now it's June, going on July so of course I find myself seduced by all things Autumny. I tend

Well now it's June, going on July so of course I find myself seduced by all things Autumny. I tend to be like this, a few months a head of myself even in summer, my favorite season. I don't know why it is so hard for me to stay in the moment! Anyway, I guess a lot of people are feeling like they have trouble enjoying because look what I found:

Keri's summer plans

because she in turn found:

Jen's list

So here is what I will do:

1. Tend my garden all summer. Just watch me!

2. Pretend I live in Tuscany. I have already planted 3 lemon trees.

3. I will leave doors and windows open all night and take cool baths.

4. Drink beer and eat olives and spanish sardines.

5. Take time off to be with Julie while I can.

6. Eat peaches.

7. Work on quilts when it's too hot outside in hippy summer dresses.

8. Plant honeysuckle and mint.

9. Stay up late when it's hot.

10. Be with my favorite people at Lake Berryessa.

11. Eat tomatoes with olive oil and basil.

12. Enjoy the patio at night.

13. Drink herbal iced tea out of glasses with ice in them.

14. Swim in everyone's pool who invites me.

15. Learn to make pie crust with my grandma.

16. Skinny dip. I have only done this once and I loved it. I hope I will have the nerve to do it again this summer.

care to check out the Designs on the White House finalists:

care to check out the Designs on the White House finalists.
My favorite is probably the "Don't drink and Vote," just because I like booze based humor. My serious favorite is probably the "If George Bush doesn't scare you..." one. I will definitely be buying one as soon as the finalists are chosen. Can't wait to wear it to my workplace full of conservatives on casual Friday!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

this is probably my cue to read it:

this is probably my cue to read it:

coincidentally it is written on a piece of paper on my desk to read it

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Did you ever wonder what I would look like as a sci-fi diva? Well here you go. I was trying to take another self portrait for my "look how hot I am" series but it turned out more grainy/too much flash. But I think I look pretty cool in molten metal or whatever. And, speaking of how hot we all are, I really liked this article from The Morning News about being confident with your natural assets.

Monday, June 14, 2004


This is a picture of the barren wasteland I call a backyard, and my newest canvas for self expression/backbreaking work. I have been a bit stalled creatively lately since I have several projects bouncing around and only one budget for them all and I just couldn't decide which was the most important. So I put it to a group of friends and they sagely decided that I should garden first so the plants could get to growing while I worked on other things in the future. And they're right: if I put up a wall in my house it will be exactly the same in 2-10 years, but trees and shrubs will awesome by then (I hope). So another post with no point since even when I put everything I have planned in it won't look like much. Mainly we will use today's post as a comparison to posts I will make in the future i.e. year's down the line. Next year I hope to point to this archive with satisfaction!

And for something actually entertaining to likeminded people, well at least the really dorky ones: here is the first installment of what I plan to be another recurring feature: Kitty Porn (worksafe).

Thursday, June 10, 2004

If there was ever wallpaper I needed, this is it. See 'Syrie.' Now if only I could get to New York

If there was ever wallpaper I needed, this is it. See 'Syrie.' Now if
only I could get to New York . . .

Apartment Therapy

Wednesday, June 09, 2004



Can you believe that if I bought everything on my Amazon wish list, it
would only cost me $205.26? Plus shipping and handling of course, but
still. That really makes me think that I should just try to buy all of
it the next time I have some extra cash to spare. I wonder what this
means? Should I wish for more things or should I be happy that I
already have everything I want except for what I could get with an extra
$205.26? Of course if I had real wishes I would probably never use one
for anything on my Amazon wishlist no matter how much I want that book
about jam or Weekend Knitting.
In my attempt to participate in the Amateur Gourmet's Bring Your Gourmet to Work Day. I have failed rather miserably. Since yesterday I happened to be at Trader Joe's right after reading his Pasta Pesto Peas entry I decided to grab a bottle of pesto and a bag of whole wheat penne and sort of go at it. And by "go at it" I mean I boiled the pasta and then dumped the pesto in there. I don't really like peas so I didn't put them in. It turned out pretty boring but I am eating it at work and I'm glad to have brought my lunch since I'm on a restricted budget due to buying a couch with a chaise and a half (1.5 chaises) stuck on the end. I've been living pretty happily on alternating cheese veggie sandwiches and peanut butter banana sandwiches, but this was a nice change of pace. So maybe the failure wasn't miserable, just not exactly "gourmet." Or maybe kind of gourmet, but heavy on the "amateur." Anyway, it keeps reminding me of this salad I used to buy at the CoOp downtown that was basically pesto penne but it also had little bites of chicken and chopped up sundried tomato in it. But with all these fancy ingredients we're sort of getting away from the whole point of eating less expensively. Here's hoping your gourmet experiment is more stunning than mine!

p.s. Last night I unearthed a seriously fuzzy and thick spider (like a baby tarantula with a giant body and stubby little legs) about the size of a ping pong ball hiding halfway down in my pile of steer manure bags. It was something I never would've imagined living in North America and I really wish I hadn't seen it.

Monday, June 07, 2004

This is a picture I happenned to stumble upon of my craft table in ultimate chaos in my old apartment. It made me feel kind of nostalgic and happy and like I need to get to fiber arting a whole lot more than I have been.
life is trippy sometimes:

At a party this weekend I met the nephew of this woman who is a Spy. He in turn is some kind of crazy theoretical scientist and he brought his granddaughter who is a ballerina and totally looks it (I made her eat one of my cupcakes). Here's what he said about me in his thank you note: "Julie, I enjoyed talking with your friend from Sacramento(?)-the one who made the cupcakes. She looks like a Pre Raphaelite painting."

There is actually no point to this post except that I was tickled that this cool old guy with the fascinating stories liked me!
I think I need to make these cookies pretty soon, maybe during the week or definitely this weekend. I have no idea what they may have to do with Neiman Marcus, or even what Neiman Marcus is now that I really think about it, but they look really tasty. I have been on quite the little baking binge lately:

5/31/04 - yogurt cake (I know it's supposed to be French but how long can I really be expected to remember all of those vowels?),

6/4/04 - rather pretty little cupcakes made from boxed yellow cake and topped with preprepared cream cheese frosting and coconut. Perhaps not the most homemade but they were very tasty and I was on a deadline. I guess I should've taken a picture, they were awfully pretty.

p.s. If you are going to take cupcakes to a party instead of strawberry delight, you should first ask the following:

a) will any of the hosts be providing a gigantic wedding cake sized cake with three layers;

b) will a renowned pastry chef be bringing or sending with her husband a cake which everyone will know to be extra delicious.

If the answer to either or these questions is "yes" you may want to reconsider bringing your rather pretty little cupcakes.

Cookie recipe via Chocolate and Zucchini.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Check out this hallway. I visited a house and the kitchen was actually painted this exact color. The girl had lots of cool turquoisey blue and white stuff in there to really set it off, like big colorful maps of South America with lots of pretty water. I vowed then and there that I would use the color as well, probably in the kitchen. (p.s. probably not until next year though. I am planning a minor remodel in the kitchen next Spring and don't want to mess with it much until then.)

7. Night with the windows open.

7. Night with the windows open.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

6. The smell and texture of fresh mint.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I must say I am a bit of a Heidi Fleiss eater so I loved this comment:

I must say I am a bit of a Heidi Fleiss eater so I loved this comment:

"Do you really want to limit the enjoyment of your fine dining years so
you can extend the duration of your baby food years? Let's hope not."

Wimpy eaters are a serious pet peeve of mine. It's just food, it's
not going to kill you. Thank you Amateur Gourmet

things I love

Inspired by Nothing to Declare's list of 50 things she loves, I also will post 50 things I adore, but not all at once. Actually it will be more like Keri's list of new things she's learned, numbered and returned to periodically. Here are a few on my mind today:

1. Any opportunity for anyone to sing "Livin on a Prayer" out loud. I
got to last weekend.

2. The first day the tomatoes turn from green to kind of yellow and
orange flames.

3. Singing Air Supply and playing air guitar while driving the Bay
Bridge. (This is actually the only good reason to ever drive into San

4. Washing my hands in cold water when it's hot.

5. Pedicures.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Can you believe just this morning this was a healthy happy plant? One day in Sacramento's early summer out of the ground but in it's appointed spot. And I just watered it yesterday! Time to get serious.
Check out my friend Charr's new blog. She's a fabypoo photographer and artist extraordinaire.
Here is a section of email correspondence between me and my bestfriend who just got her PhD in Chemistry.

J: Would you like to hear a passage from my thesis?
"The signal reaches a constant level, shown in hot pink... that's right, hot pink!" It's actually magenta but if I have the chance to put "hot pink" in my thesis, I'm not passing that up! I had to add the last part because Janette just challenged our whole lab to put hot pink in their thesis and
I decided it wouldn't be rebellious enough to just put hot pink anymore.

K: You are crazy! Yesterday one of our brokers dropped by unexpectedly to talk to me and I was wearing so much pink, inlcuding my new pink birkenstocks and my hair was in braided pig tails. I sort of wished I had worn something more businessy, but then I thought, "I underwrite in pink all the time, he'll just have to deal with it."

J: I really like this line, I think I'll use it:
"I do science in lipstick all the time, they'll just have to deal with it." Yeah!

And now you know what big dorks we are!