Monday, January 08, 2007

january 039

I had the kind of weekend where I guess I learned a lot but I did not emerge with a feeling of completion. Here's what I learned:

1. Wool felt appliques wash nicely when attached to cotton knit fabric.

2. Three is too many lemons when making Le Poulet de Muriel, they will impart a little bitterness to the drippings (aka the best part). Next time control yourself and stick with one or two lemons at most.

3. Low water dying methods provide extremely hippyfied results. If the results you want are only slightly hippyfied, you should try a different technique.

4. Anything not cotton will not take cotton dye. This includes zippers that will always remain bright white.

Dye bucket

5. Some lounging after periods of intense activity can feel fantastic. If you continue to lounge beyond the recuperation stage, you can start to feel lazy and lethargic.

6. This yummy looking caramel cake is not for me. Two tries now following the meticulous directions meticulously and I am nowhere near the glorious crumb you see in the picture if you follow the link. I would suspect my baking powder but it's only a month or two old. Everything was room temperature! Bah!

7. Kitties are the best part of most weekends.



LoriO said...

Wow! Kudos for trying the caramel cake though. I took one look at the recipe and ran.

The pillow is bee-u-ti-full!

McAuliflower said...

drats about the cake! You should ask Shauna to help puzzle it out at her blog.