Thursday, January 25, 2007

january 077
Here's the knit hat I swatched for a couple of weeks ago. Once I swatched I didn't ever want to start this so there was quite a gap, but once I actually cast on for the hat this baby practically made itself. I don't suppose it hurt that I had a couple of hours of straight driving time while Thaddy (aka my lovely model) drove to Mendocino and back. I probably should've taken the pattern drafter's suggestion to try this on while knitting but I'm too lazy for that so it's a little big and comes down over my eyebrows when I put it on.
january 078
Here's a closeup of the pompom which is maybe a little loose, but I did want it to be pretty big and goofy. This was my first time doing attached i-cord and making a pompom and I really enjoyed both techniques. The i-cord is a really nice professional looking finish, the kind of thing that you admire when you make it, thinking "I did that!"


knitti-me said...

Very lucious! - The hat, although the model ain't too shabby either (SMILE)! Love the color.

Perhaps you can felt it down a tad so it fits better - but be careful - I learned the hard way, you have to watch what you're doing or you'll end up with a tea cozy!

Or Thad can go around town in a pink hat and pompom...

karin said...

Hi knitti-me! yeah, Thad is unfortunately way too manly to wear a pompom. It's "superwash" but I'll try to shrink it up, good idea.