Friday, January 26, 2007

january 075
Here is a bag I made which seemed like such a great idea but now I'm not so sure how I feel about it. Actually, I am sure and I'm pretty sure I hate it. It was meant to be a purse for me but it turned out kind of funky due to a last minute decision to "decorate" the front with some scrap pieces of felt.
january 074
Also the color is really blah and icky! I've been really into camel lately and when I bought this it seemed so cuddly and inviting but now it just seems pale and hairy. The lining is really nicely done though, if I do say so: it has my tag and a special magazine pocket. Next time I would like to use a heavier interfacing to give it even more body. I've been trying hard to think of what I could do to make this look like a bag I would actually want to use. What?!

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