Wednesday, February 09, 2005

three things I like on Apartment Therapy today:

1. painting the inside of your closet something colorful. Wouldn't it be cool in my magenta bedroom to have a cantaloupe or turquoise closet? Raped by color goes storagy

2. using a venetian mirror for your bathroom mirror. I know they're trendy right now, but they're so beautiful.

3. Making a design on a wood table top with copper nails hammered in. Mighty look sort of country, but it would be really cool for an indoor/outdoor room.

Apartment Therapy man, they're so cool but I have a love/hate relationship with their New York fixation.


Lacubrious said...

"Raped by color" goes storagy. i fyou get your show on HGTV. I wanna be the producer so we can get into all those arguements behind the scenes. it might make a very intrigueing reality show. you'd be like "it's taupe" and i'd be like "it's light brown". I think I just got chills.

Cori said...

I really like the bathroom mirror idea. I also like the idea of covering a bathroom wall with vintage mirrors... saw it in a mag once... looked amazing!