Friday, February 25, 2005

Check out how much attention this post about painting the floors in your house got. I have a feeling the people who say not to do it are the same kind of people as my stupid neighbors who come over anytime I'm outside to tell me to put in a lawn so I can waste all of our city's water and pollute the air some more.

I really like this comment about painting a bathroom deep violet blue:

When I moved into my condo two and a half years ago the bathroom was in sorry shape and had not been updated for over 20 years. I didn't have a lot of money so I depended upon paint. The bathroom is a typical apartment one without a window and low ceiling. I painted the walls, ceiling, vanity cabinet and floor the same color of a deep saturated blue/purple (Pratt and Lambert Shaded Clematis). I then replaced the lighting fixture (turn it upside down so the light bounces off of the ceiling), faucet and a composite marble white vanity/sink countertop. New knobs, mirror, toilet paper holder, towel racks and toilet freshened the room even more. I then hung a floor to ceiling curtain over the shower curtain of the tub/shower combo. Finally I bought two very inexpensive fluffy white rugs for the floor. The floor was a busy strange patterned vinyl. I lightly sanded it by hand, applied a coat of latex kilz, two coats of the latex wall paint (semi-gloss), and lightly sponged on a contrasting color of red violet followed by two coats of clear latex poly acrylic sealer. The result is a dramatic little jewel. Everyone raves over it and several other owners in my building have copied it. Any blue color will "expand" the space. The bathroom seems much larger even though it's a dark color. The entire project cost only $500. I painted the countertop in the kitchen too! Also, painting wood is ok! Not all wood and finishes are pleasing and paint can really spruce surfaces up inexpensively. Posted by Joanie

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