Monday, October 24, 2005

happy home weekend:

1. car and garbage disposal and dishwasher are now fixed

2. cleaned the house and got rid of about 10 bags of clothes for goodwill

3. made squash soup, vegetable stock, roasted potatoes, and apple cake from a family recipe

4. got new kitten, life is good with a new kitten

5. boyfriend talked to me about something I needed him to talk to me about

6. came in dead last in bowling, well actually that part was kind of lame

7. watched Wayne's world parts 1 and 2, pretty damned funny, still

8. had coffee with my grandma

Maybe this isn't the most exciting list ever, but it means things are going right, and my hibernation schedule is proceeding nicely.

1 comment:

lorio said...

Blogging about a new kitten without a picture should be illegal!