Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tonight I will take my cutie-tootie-love-bunny-face-boyfriend to the gym for the second time. Please send him happy, soothing, loving thoughts so he will know that it's ok for him to modify the tougher moves and that he does not have to have the lower body strength that the rock hard soccer moms we train with have been developing for years. I need him to accept the fact that it's ok to work up to a fitness regimen and that if a person doesn't work out for a year, he could be in slightly worse shape than people who work out every day. Perhaps if he feels your thoughtful support he will be able to get through more than half of the class this time. Thanks a lot internet, you're the best!

edited to add: The gym class in question is Body Sculpting which is hard and there are other boys in the Class. There was no riding of the pony crap.


Lacubrious said...

uhmmmm... are you taking him to step class? If so, I might have a problem with it.

Funky Fresh Freddie said...

((thinking good thoughts))