Tuesday, March 22, 2005

My house was built in 1949 (or 47, I forgot again). Anyway it has this not a girl, not yet a woman straddling the decades thing. So I can go a little 50's atomic diner, but need to keep a little art deco past in there too. Everyone's all into this big thick crown molding, but that's just not my girl's style. The door knobs are my absolute favorite original thing in the house. I think they are brass and chrome, or nickle?

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Topcat said...

Ah, the joys of "This Old House".

I can relate.

My home was also built in 1949, the same year as my birth. I acquired it in 1977 and have added on and on and on until now I am going through the maintenance and repair phase of ownership.

I'm not sure of your age, as I did not read your profile. Assuming that you might remember the 1950's, do you recall those kitchen tables and chairs that had tubular metal legs, formica table top and naugahyde chair seats? I have a really cool set that I might be letting loose of some day. If you are interested in such, let me know and I will keep you in mind.

Nice Blog,
Tom Sanders