Monday, March 14, 2005

I talked to two electricians today.

Electrician No. 1: Told me that recessed lighting is stupid because you can never move it, like "nailing a floor lamp to the floor." I guess all of those designers on HGTV are crazy. He suggested that I keep the flourescent tube lighting I currently have: easiest. He also told me I would need to open up my walls before he can give me an estimate. He reminded me of David Spade in those commercials where he thinks of a thousand ways to say "No." A-No-ha!

Electrician No. 2: Told me everyone feels overwhelmed when they are remodeling but it will turn out just fine. Let me explain my plans, said they sounded great, and asked if he could come over to give me an estimate tomorrow.

Guess who I like?

Oh readers, if you don't like this stuff you are so screwed for the next month. Not as screwed as my friends and family, but still.

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