Monday, March 21, 2005

Garden inspiration highlights from my weekend and the San Francisco Flower and Garden show:

I have wisteria, who knew? It didn't bloom last year.

Succulents look beautiful mulched with recycled glass chips.

You can grown birdhouse gourds on arbors for dangling living decoration

I've been getting too far away from my reuse, repurpose roots. Just because it looks crappy when you do it wrong, it still looks awesome when you do it right.

Remodeling update:

The City of Roseville accepted my application for a building permit, we'll see if the permit is granted. I'm a bit irritated that the woman said I may need to get a civil engineer to sign off on the doorway I'm widening when the appropriate dimensions of the opening versus the header are published in a thousand books available for free at the library.

An electrician will be coming to my house next thursday to rewire the kitchen. I will not have a permit next thursday so this means two things:

1. I will spend some time this weekend tearing the sheet rock off of the wall to be demolished so he can take the wires out.

2. The electrician will have to rewire around the existing wall and pull extra wire for boxes that I will install once I can get the wall out and the peninsula in. Should be interesting. Also, this means we won't have a stove for the forseeable and the refrigerator will open toward the wall until it's gone. This is going to be fun.

I have purchased the cabinets, the windows, and the new faucet. I still need to buy the new range, the sink, and the tile.

I am starting to think about rearranging my bedroom furniture when I'm falling asleep. After 10 years of moving more than once a year I have developed an internal timer that is dying for the smell of fresh paint. I need change and it's going to be tough waiting three weeks for the permit to be approved (or denied!).

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