Wednesday, March 10, 2004


I have finally started Rogue and after a bit of a false start (13 rows
on U.S. size 4 needles with 20 extra stitches?!!) I am on row 5 of the
body. Yes, technically that only means that I have done 5 body rows but
now that the pattern is started things are zipping along beautifully. I
got exact gauge on U.S. 5s but I wasn't sure about what size of the
pattern to make. The smallest size would have been snug but the next
bigger size I think would have been too big. I decided to knit the
smallest size on U.S. 6. It'll give me a little extra room and I won't
have to knit a whole garment on 5s, that's just a little too small for
my taste. Oh, and my kool-aid dyed wool is knitting up very nicely with
a subtle variegation that's muted by the fact that I'm holding two
strands together.

The only sad thing is that I seem to be unable to join any Yahoo
groups. I can't sign up, I think I may have some type if cookie blocker
that won't let the right secret things happen for me to get in. So I
can't participate in the Rogue Yahoo group. I know there are a bunch of
people making this but the only one I've seen is Claudia (link to be
added later) who is already practically finished. I think she's my

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