Monday, March 29, 2004

it's sort of like I live in Tuscany sometimes

1. go to middle of the day step class with the stay at home moms (this
is not the most Tuscany part)

2. get a pedicure with sister and friend, godson picks out colors

3. buy a half flat of strawberries on the side of the road

4. make strawberry shortcake from scratch, including real whipped

5. eat Indian food with sister and best friends

6. knit in the car

7. get a look at the coolest tangerine kitchen in the world, I hope the
pictures will turn out

8. play with sister's puppy

9. spend a day wine tasting in Napa with sister and favorite people in
the world, weather is perfect

10. have morning coffee with grandma and talk about tomatoes

11. buy jars for summer canning: strawberry jam and pickles

12. make quilt panels

13. pose for highly gifted photographer buddy

Ok, I snuk in an extra day and took Friday off since my sister was in
town. I still feel all sparkly.

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