Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Since I haven't done anything interesting lately, here's a pic of something interesting I did a month or two ago. This is my friends Leah and Allyn's pug Miles. Allyn designed his spiffy ocean camo jacket and I helped with the execution. Click here for a side view of the jacket including the general stars Allyn added. We're very proud of this jacket since we designed it from scratch and custom fit it to Miles, who is not even 1 yet and not the most patient model. This is the second in a series of coats we've been making for Miles, the first was a khaki ripstop nylon with black fleece lining, it was a more basic model without a collar.

p.s. I'm finally swatching for Rogue. Boy, that February's a killer! I think the arrival of Girl Scout Cookie Season has helped immeasurably.

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