Tuesday, March 27, 2007

February 27 057
This is a baby quilt I made for my friend Keirsten's second baby. It needed to be a little fancier than my usual because I had tried paper piecing (my first and only attempt, turns out I hate paper piecing!) for her first baby's quilt and I didn't want the second baby to feel slighted if I showed up with one of my now-standard, simple patterns. This top is made entirely from scraps: I just sewed one piece onto the first and so on to make what I was referring to as "scrumbles" in my head. I trimmed a little to put the scrumbles together but since the pieces were not uniform in size this was probably my most technically challenging quilt to date. And of course my scrap bin is still totally overflowing, this quilt did not make the slightest dent.
February 27 058
I had so much fun with these little felt appliques! Also, you can kind of see that I used my fancy new sewing machine with the embroidery stitches to handle an awkward set-in seam by just embroidering over the top around the marbled piece. And by the way, I made that marbled fabric myself when I got to do some marbeling one time with the fabulous Charrmer.


non-knitti-me said...

Beautiful! I didn't know Keirsten had another baby. When did this happen? Tell her congratulations from me, if you remember.

Mom said...

Happy Quilt!