Monday, March 05, 2007

February 27 038
I made Hamentaschen this weekend to use up a bunch of jam jars that had about half an inch each. The jam was definitely used up but I can't say that these cookies were a success. I am not jewish and I think the cookies knew. The corners acted very pinched together prior to baking but as soon as they got in the oven they turned into the flat cookies you see here. They still tasted pretty good.

p.s. I got a tripod over the weekend and am using it non-stop, low light is no longer an obstacle.

p.p.s. The February crafty roundup has been delayed, but I can reveal that I am satisfied with my output in February.

This is Snuggles helping me craft. He loves to hang around when I am sewing and I really enjoy his company.
February 27 037

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