Friday, March 23, 2007

February 27
Here's the shirt I made with the same Built by Wendy pattern as the dress (photo coming soon) and my hand-stamped fabric. I think it makes me look a little bulky and shapeless so I probably will not repeat the shirt part of this pattern. Thad told me to "put some of those fold thingies in it" which I interpretted to mean darts for shaping and he also kept pushing it in at my waist so you could tell I have one. I'm a little disappointed because I was hoping such an easy and simple pattern would be a great way to show off handmade fabric. Good learning experience though, and I guess I kind of like it because I am wearing it to work today.


non-knitti-me said...

I thought you're blouse was cute when I saw it yesterday, but I didn't know you hand-stamped and made it! Wow!

Great to see you!

Anonymous said...

hi! I love Toni Tajima too. She designed the cover of my new book, Calm and Compassionate children, and everyone comments on how beautiful it is. She really captured the intent of the book.