Thursday, December 14, 2006

December 12 06 005

My second Little Tree, the pink version. Tell me this is not the cutest candy colored christmas tree you've seen lately. Well, maybe not, with all the little trees out there. I actually dyed this fabric a few years ago in a fabric dying phase when I dyed my bedsheets purple. This piece came out pinker. The bottom is green wool felt. I embelished it with a gorgeous piece of handmade art yarn that has a little strand of irridescence spun through that I got via the sampler from Misshawklet. You can't really tell from the picture, all cloudy all the time here, but it is gorgeous stuff! Then I attached a bunch of buttons that seemed christmas-fairyish and that was it. The most ridiculous part is that the whole time I was making this I was fretting that it wouldn't be modern enough for its intended recipient: as though a stuffed tree with yarn and buttons on it could ever be modern. Once I let go of that idea it went much more smoothly. Yay for trees!

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