Tuesday, December 12, 2006

December 12 06 001

My first attempt at a Little Tree. Actually, this is my second attempt: the first attempt looked more like a slanty horn than a straight-up-and-down-tree. Apparently I cannot follow directions because using the beautiful pattern Little Birds provided did not turn out very well for me (well I did tweak it a little for a taller tree which is probably the cause of the problem). For this second attempt I decided to wing it, and made a cone of indeterminate size and attached a circle to the bottom that seemed like it might fit. Much better. Here is a picture with smallish cat so you can get an idea of the size. These are fun and addictive to make, the trickiest part for me is getting the stuffing smooth and not lumpy. Considering my projects lately, 2 quilts and a batch of 10 pillows at once, it was very satisfying to make something in about an hour. This tree is to be a Christmas gift for a work colleague who is having a hard time lately. While I was making it I poured all of my happy thoughts for her into all that stuffing I was trying to cram in without lump so hopefully it will help a little. It looks a bit Dr. Seussish which I think will suit her just fine.

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