Monday, November 06, 2006

This year I am getting my Christmas shopping done early so I can really enjoy the act of giving. I love the slippers I ordered from the sweetloveablegoods etsy shop. They are to be a Christmas gift but they are so adorable and comfy (I slipped one on to make sure it would fit because it looked a little small but no worries there). They are sweet, and loveable, and good goods. I've been cruising the shop pretty regularly since to ogle the other items now that I know how nice they are. The flower pins are really pretty too and would like so nice with a ladylike wool coat and scarf.


glass hole studios said...

they have something similar at target tooo. Love you pix, especially the cats. And did you really name your cat, Wesley Snipes???

karin said...

Yes, the cat's name is really Wesley Snipes. It looks like we are both in the Sacramento area?