Monday, February 16, 2004

Here's the new kitchen floor I did over the weekend. Just feel the love! Here's a picture of during, when I had the appliances out. You can kind of see the old stuff underneath. Not too cute. This stuff is really cheap, it's actually self adhesive and I've swept about 14 times since I tidied up on Sunday, it shows everything. Basically all you have to do is a bunch of prep, and then lay it down. I probably spent 50% of the time on prep including taking the appliances out, ripping all the molding and carpet edging, and sweeping and mopping so the adhesive would stick to the floor instead of the dirt. Then I only spent 10% of my time putting the squares down and the last 40% cutting all the little edge pieces. My friend Jaya came over to help me put the appliances back so that actually only took a sec. To tell the truth, the carpet isn't neatly tacked down yet, but I'll get there. I really love the results, I love the graphic crispness. Here's Sabine enjoying the floor, she also has an appreciation for graphic cripness.

p.s. Right now I have yarn in the mircrowave, the Rogue finally arrived!

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