Tuesday, February 03, 2004

baby steps

1. Over the weekend I did a little stripey to put under my arm on that
cabley number I was working on in the fall that was too small. I tried
sewing it together and it looked terrible, I think I need to use real
finishing techniques for this one. This is particularly true becasue
I'm attaching a ribbed panel to a body piece that is ribbed at the
bottom and then reverse stockinette stitch to the armpit. With a little
waist shapping thrown in. Just typing that makes me think I should've
matched the strip to the pattern on the body piece; but I ribbed it to
make it extra stretchy. I think I need to rip.

2. Last night I free motion quilted another panel on my grandma's
quilt. It was one of those sessions when my machine decides to do all
this grody stuff on the actual quilt after I've tested the stitch on my
practice piece and it looks great. I hate that! But only two more
panels left.

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