Monday, January 26, 2004

This is my weekend project. The short, and really only, version is that I painted the hallway, then put up a piece of lace and spray painted over it like a stencil. (can you see my cool shower curtain! it was a housewarming gift from Marie and Natashia) I think it turned out cool, it kind of makes me wish I still had the kind of parties where you make out in hallways because what else is there really to do in the hall?

Click here for a picture showing the green stuff from a distance with the glitter in the entry doing it's thing! Pay no attention to the mess, but do note the elusive Sabine on the little couch.

Cautionary note: spray paint is one bad mother. If you get it on anything it will not wipe off with a damp rag. It will however blow all over the place and coat everything with a fine layer of green dust. I still have spray paint on my hands in spite of exfoliating strenuously and my thumb is raw from pressing down the button. Also, make sure you get enough lace. I have a 12" problem to solve.

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