Tuesday, January 06, 2004

art begets art

I finally got up and started the final painting of my bedroom. I had
initially painted it a dark hot pink: "royal love." The coverage was
really streaky but I called it fine for the time being because I had a
housewarming to get ready for. Last night I painted a coat of "purple
passion" on top of it and the color is much mellower and spicier at the
same time. Like it knows it's sexy and doesn't have to shout. The
coverage still isn't perfect so I think I'm going to try putting a glaze
over so it will be textury on purpose. That felt so good that this
morning in the shower I had a million quilt ideas including a design for
the baby quilt I'll be making and a free motion pattern for grandma's
quilt (still not finished!).

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