Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Woo hoo! Blogger trouble all week, but I'm in now.

I've reached the second set of decreases on my BNS. I'm using a very short 24" circular so I can't really tell if it's even going to fit but I think it will.

Made soap last weekend with Julie and Janette. The stuff she had premade that we milled does not seem to be turning out the best. We added 2 oz. of extra smelly stuff and oil to 7 oz. of basic soap. Now it's liquidy inside and I wonder if curing will help it set up to a usable consistency?

I haven't felt like home crafting lately. We finally decided I'm "pre-nesting:" I'm hoping to move later this year and I'm trying to divest crap I may have to move. I don't feel like spreading out and digging in on anything and I can't concentrate on anything non-portable. I guess my knitting will have to serve all of my crafty needs until I feel like I'm home.

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