Wednesday, June 04, 2003

The Story of the Schmoogle and the Beene:

Once upon a time there was a Beene who lived all alone in a tower with only a single caretaker to talk to and play with. She was happy enough in her way, but she was very lonely with only the caretaker for company. The caretaker did her very best but after all she was just a caretaker and not much for conversation or diversion. After going on together for many years in this way, the caretaker and the Beene received a visitor. The visitor was a Schmoogle and he had come to stay. Now when Beene met the Schmoogle, she was not at all sure that a Schmoogle was right for her. For although the Beene had been very lonely she did not take well to change. The Beene booed and hissed at the Schmoogle and tried her best to frighten him from the tower.

And here's how I hope it will end: The Schmoogle would not be deterred and over a season the Beene became accustomed to the Schmoogle. She let him into her heart and she wasn't lonely anymore. The Schmoogle and the Beene lived happily ever after and they let the caretaker hang out too.

Schmoogle and the Beene

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