Saturday, May 03, 2003

Half way through the kool-aid experiment. It looks like I killed someone in my bathtub. I've chosen the handpainting method.

Please note: One packet of kool-aid does not equal one ounce!

I used berry blue, grape, and cherry. Cherry is very potent, I will remember this when I want something red. The technique that ended up working the best for me, after initially dumping the blue on mixed with water, was to just sprinkle the powder on and rub it into the wool. It seemed to stay put better and not just wash down the drain. At this point the color looks very dirty, but I think the resultant sweater will still be very cool. It will not be the classic sophisticated turtleneck I envisioned.

I'm firing up the stove to steam the skeins now that they're full of crappy kool-aid dye stuff. Since I don't have a microwave I'll be steaming all 12 skeins in batches in my bamboo steamer basket. I'd post pictures but the weather today is so crappy there's no decent light.

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