Wednesday, February 07, 2007

january 116
I wanted to finally post this baby quilt because it is officially my final project completed in January. This is a "baby" quilt for an old friend who I just got back in touch with when she had somewhat recently had a baby. That was over a year ago now. So this is sort of a toddler quilt at this point. I made it extra large so hopefully he can use it for toddler/little kid snuggling for a few years to come.
january 110
I planned the quilt around the back fabric because once I saw it, I wanted to use it. It's this Freespirit print from a line called Follow Your Imagination by Cath Derksma and Kersten Junor. I love the name! Also, the kid is old enough to know what he likes now and I don't know what he's into: dinosaurs, animals, rainbows, firetrucks? So this design is pretty safe but I still think it is beautiful and I hope they like it. The orange quilting sort of helps to keep it from being too matchy. It's still sitting here where there isn't a baby, but hopefully it will get itself into the mail soon.
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