Thursday, April 28, 2005

updates to the updates before I go on vacation:

1. I shoveled a giant pile of dirt and it looks like a lot of dirt on the ground now. The vegetables are in the front. A neighbor specifically came over to tell me I'd be sorry, his exact words.
2. The peninsula looks awesome, the new wide doorway looks awesome, the tile looks pretty good, the glitter in the grout is awesome.
3. My back is so strong that I predict when I go to the beach the music will stop and everyone will turn to look at my rippling back muscles.
4. If you are getting a brazilian, particularly your first, please ask for the technician with the most experience. My amateur brazilianator was a nightmare. The results are not cute.
5. If anyone else would like to tell me to install a sprinkler system, just leave your directions in the comments.
6. I will actually be going to LA for the real LA Story and then to San Diego.

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