Thursday, April 14, 2005

snapshot . . . since it's the lull before the warm part of Spring begins and nothing is going on:

1. The cats have broken their water dish and pulled down a set of curtains in the last week.

2. My new windows with argon and krypton gasses trapped between their dual panes will be installed tomorrow.

3. I purchased a futon frame that will fit the futon mattress I have. Should be thrilling.

4. Thad made me a butter dish that says "mmm butter" on the top with a happy face. Get ready for brunch ladies and gentlemen!

5. I get to have drinks with the lonely hearts club band tonight. Yay!

6. Looks like prom boy will be working for me after all to finish clearing the front yard on Saturday.

1 comment:

Gyasi said...

I sincerely hope #5 is about us. If you have double-scheduled your dates you will have a giant attitude to contend with here at Bluehaven.

P.s. Do I owe you for new curtains? :)