Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Common Rotation

Common Rotation

Now that my posts are arriving again, I need to tell you. I went to a
show at Freight and Salvage last week and the opening act was so good I
bought two of their cds at the show and have not stopped listening to
them ever. Also, as a result I am now pretty in love with the dorkier
of the two singers, Adam Busch. They're called Common Rotation and here
is their website: http://www.commonrotation.com/

They do this folksy version of They Might be Giants' "Don't Let's
Start." It is really good. I am planning on buying at least one of
their cds for several people on my Christmas list and it's not even
Christmas yet, that's how good. And an excellent live show.

If I ever get my computer working again I am going to post a super cute
picture of myself so if Adam Busch is ever looking at this site, he can
fall in love with me too.

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