Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Well I crafted my little heart out over the weekend but I have very little to show for it because of this badboy (excuse the crappy picture). I ruffled and then I ripped and then I reruffled and then I bound off. Then I tried to pick up around the neck and then I tried a couple more times, then I finally did pick up the neck, and did an edging and the neck shrunk, severely. I swear I finished this thing for 20 hours and it's still not done with rolly top edges!!

Dying went great, I'll do a little expose on what I learned soon, the light's just not good tonight. And my colors still aren't the most vibrant but now I know how to get certain effects.

On Saturday I thought I was so close to finishing that bastard the SNS that I let myself get some new yarn for a new project. And here's what a much recovered Simon did to my new Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran:

I'm going to hold it double stranded with some Unger fluffy by Reynolds in the same color, whatever that is. They look really pretty together and look so special in the cable patterns I swatched! I'm stealing the cable patterns from
this free pattern to do a little shell. Here's what I'm thinking:

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