Monday, April 09, 2007

February 27 007
I did a lot more dying this weekend. This is a large piece I dyed using a low water technique for a whole cloth quilt project I have in mind. I love how this looks although I had wanted more of the lighter pink and only a little bit of the fuschia color.
February 27 008
This is a polka dot I made to use on some pillows. You can see that I didn't have time to finish the whole piece but I think I will have plenty for my project. Sometimes you have to go and taste wine instead of printing 100 more polka dots.

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Mom said...

I love that fuschia, salmon, yellow. It is scrumptious. How about creating a dish to go with it?

The skirt makes your legs look very shapely. The tassel is fun - draws attention to the aforementioned legs.