Monday, May 08, 2006

Very nice Spring weekend, we:

Painted my new room 'manilla tint' sounds horrifying but it looks like pure sunshine mixed with butter.

Shelled, and shelled again, and ate fava beans. Yum.

Tried to get chickens two more times to make a total of three. I don't remember this being so difficult before. Also, apparently you cannot arrive two hours late to an auction and expect to win anything.
Made the heaviest doorstop of an attempt at sourdough bread ever.

Planted berrgarten sage, golden sage, chives, italian parsley, fernleaf dill (sorry Julie), and only one sweet basil plant.

Used my thriving mint to make a spritzer. It was very spritzy.


LoriO said...

Do you not want to just go buy chickens at the feed store? Why are you trying to get them at an auction?

Mz.BadAzz said...

I'm just trying to figure out what the chickens are for? Dinner? ;o)

karin said...

The first time we went to the feed store they were out of chicks. The second time, they only had a kind I'd never heard of and said they would be getting aracaunas (sp?) this week so I thought I'd wait for them. I want them for eggs so wanted to make sure they are good layers.

LoriO said...

Aracaunas (sp who knows?) are fun. They lay colored eggs. I've seen pale green and pale pink.

They have all kinds of birds at the feed store over here on my side of the world.

You do want to make sure you don't get a rooster though.